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Oral Hygiene - How to take care of your teeth and gums

The eyes and the mouth are the 2 main focal points on anyone's face. When you are talking to someone, you will notice that the person l...

The eyes and the mouth are the 2 main focal points on anyone's face. When you are talking to someone, you will notice that the person looks either at your eyes or your mouth. While all of us take good care of our eyes and lips to keep them looking youthful, most people neglect the teeth. Our teeth are as important as any other other feature and need to be looked after well. I will list out some of the products I use to keep my teeth/mouth in good condition. After all who doesn't want a lovely set of white teeth.

I have fairly straight teeth with just one slightly out of alignment. There are no gaps in between teeth, so they look fine. Apart from check-ups with your dentist every 3 or 6 months, you need to ensure that you partake a good diet and take care of your teeth at home.

Toothbrush - A good toothbrush is the most important tool. The best ones are those with soft or medium strength bristles. Toothbrush that has hard bristles will do more harm than good in the long run. These tend to make the gums loose and weak. So stick to soft or medium bristled brush. An electric toothbrush is also a good idea, however in my personal opinion proper brushing twice a day with a regular toothbrush is equally effective.

Toothpaste - There is so much to choose from in toothpastes: gels, multi-protection, whitening toothpastes etc. My personal favourite is Euthymol which I have been using for the past 5 years. Its an excellent toothpaste that has a special blend of antiseptic ingredients and essential flavour oils to help keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy. And I LOVE the strong taste of Euthymol which no other toothpaste I have ever used has. I also keep a toothpaste for sensitive teeth handy as some of my teeth are sensitive and both hot and cold food can aggravate the sensitivity. For this, I use Sensodyne Rapid Relief which relieves the pain of sensitive teeth.

Dental Floss - To remove pieces of food and plaque from between teeth, there is nothing better than dental floss, which is nothing but a soft thin nylon thread. If you have never used floss, then check with your dentist on the correct method to use it as improper use may damage your gums. They type of floss you choose is your personal preference, but whatever you choose, make sure you follow the correct technique. If floss is not for you, then you can try interdental brushes which are easier to use.

Mouthwash - A good mouthwash is a must have. Most mouthwashes kill plaque bacteria which is the main cause of gum diseases. Apart from freshening your breath, mouthwash also helps in the removal of food debris which may have been missed by brushing. Use an alcohol free mouthwash as these do not dry up your mouth or crack your lips as an alcohol based mouthwash would do.

Tongue Cleaner/Scraper - These are useful to remove the buildup on the back of the tongue. You could opt for a tongue brush or a tongue scraper based on what you are comfortable with. A plastic tongue scraper is ideal if you have strong gag reflex.

Mints - Keep a pack of mints handy always - they leave you feeling invigorated and with fresh breath. My current favourite is the new Halls XS mini-candies.

Apart from this, you could go for professional treatment and get your teeth straightened, whitened/polished and plaque removed.

Trust me, a good set of teeth are a great asset. They make your smile even more beautiful and add to your confidence. So remember to take care of your teeth always :)

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