Garnier - Moisture Match 24 hour Hydration

Garnier has come out with a new product range - Moisture Match. These are tailor-made moisturisers for 24hr Hydration. The new generation of tailor-made moisturising creams offer hydration to suit your skin.

There are five different moisturisers available in the range.
Protect & Glow for normal skin : Combining SPF 20 with an extremely lightweight and oil-free texture. Plus its light reflecting pearls will give you that just-got-back-from-the-beach glow, without the tan lines!
- Start Afresh for normal/dry skin : A gorgeous mix of ultra-light and smoothing oils, it’s non-greasy and quick to absorb – you’ll only remember it’s there when the compliments start
- Goodbye Dry...for dry/very dry skin : Created with nourishing but ultra-light oils, its texture is rich but non-greasy. This moisturiser gives you the comfort you need in a flash, without feeling heavy on your skin.
- Wake Me Up for dull skin : A gel that feels like an immediate splash of freshness on your skin – a real wake-up call! It’s oil-free and super quick to absorb, giving you a feeling of hydration that lasts all day!
- Shine Be Gone for combination/oily skin : An oil-free and lightweight cream, enriched with microspheres which help to give a long-lasting matte effect.

If you are from UK or ROI, you can get a free sample from here.

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