Boots Natural Collection - Vive Le Vanilla

The Boots January sale (held every year) is something I look forward to. It's a good time to pick up products that you love at discounted prices and also a good time to try out new products.

Usually around mid-January Boots has this 75% off sale. The sale is both online and in-store. Its a good time to pick up bargains from known brands as well as Boots' own ranges. Stocks run out fast, so you need to be super quick.

I picked up quite a few things and will be reviewing them all soon. To begin with I picked up the Boots Natural - Vive Le Vanilla Collection.

The collection contains:
- Vanilla Body Spray 140ml
- Vanilla Bath Cream 200ml
- Vanilla Body Scrub 200ml
- Vanilla Body Lotion 200ml

Normally it is priced at £10.00. I ordered this online and got it for £5.00. However, a couple of days later it was on offer for £2.50. But sadly no stock. Like I said, you need to be super quick. Anyway  for £5.00 I feel, I still managed to get a bargain. :) Reviews of individual products to follow soon.

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