Audaca's Premium Shaving and Skin Care Range for Men

Audaca recently launched a new premium range for men featuring face and body wash, scrub, post-shave lotion, shave formula and a moisturiser. All the products are ethically sourced and manufactured in the UK. With key ingredients like - Italian Almond Oil, Walnut Shell, Italian Bergamot Oil, Peruvian Jojoba Seed Oil and Egyptian Bitter Orange Oil among many others, this seemed like a wonderful and natural range especially desgined for men. So, when I was sent samples of the Audaca Scrub and Audaca Hydrate, I handed them over to husband dearest to put it to test.

Before we head to the review of the two products used, let me tell you a bit about the new range. The range comprises of:
1.Hydrate: A fusion of essential oils, Vitamin E and Jojoba to help counter the effects of weathering on the skin. Fast absorbing and non-greasy -Price: 100ml for £14.00
2.Scrub: Audaca’s pumice and walnut shell scrub removes dead skin and impurities, smooth the complexion and prepare the face for a closer shave - Price: 100ml for £14.00
3.Shave: A high glide, low drag formula with Salix Willow Bark to prevent razor burn and give a faster, more comfortable shave - Price: 100ml for £10.00
4.Soothe: A post-shave soother to subdue the effects of razor drag and help speed recovery of skin. Light, cooling and non-greasy -Price: 100ml for £15.00
5.Wash: An invigorating shower gel with a combination of citrus and smoky aromas to fire up the senses and shake off morning drowsiness - Price: 100ml for £8.00

Coming to the two products that were tested by Mr H, the Audaca Scrub which contains volcanic pumice and walnut shells was an instant winner. With its pleasant, mildly sweet fragrance and perfect gritty texture, it works as a good exfoliant. Mr H shaves everyday and has been using this scrub every other day. When used before shaving, it does clean and exfoliate the skin priming it for the perfect shave. He is happy with it. I could not resist trying out the scrub myself, and it worked perfect for my T-zone, especially the nose area. Loved the clean, smooth feeling. Check the ingredients list of the Scrub below.

The second product - Audaca Hydrate is a fusion of essential oils, Vitamin E and Jojoba to help counter the effects of weathering on the skin. Mr H has extremely sensitive and dry facial skin and only uses Vaseline Intensive Rescue Lotion for the facial skin. However, he agreed to try this one out based just on the ingredient list - which was a blend of essential oils. And, he is happy with the moisturiser. It is fast absorbing and non-greasy and keeps his skin well hydrated. His dry skin has taken well to the moisturiser and Mr H is happy that he has found something other than his regular moisturiser to use on his face. The fragrance is another plus point - it is very fresh and yet not overwhelming - predominantly smells of a combination of orange, nutmeg and lemon. Overall, a wonderful moisturiser.

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