Pretty Smooth Nose Pre Strips - Review

I will be reviewing the Pretty Smooth Nose Pre Strips today.

My experience:
I have been using these pore strips since a few months. Cleanse your face and ensure that the nose area is clean and wet. Remove the plastic liner from the strip and apply it shiny side down on your nose area. Smoothen it with your hand and leave it on till it begins to dry/harden. Peel it off when it goes dry.
It removes blackheads and even tiny hair :)

However, please remember that if you have sensitive skin, then its best to stay away from these. Because the peeling action can irritate your delicate skin and leave you with breakouts.

Also be aware, that using the pore strips very frequently is not advised as they may cause broken capillaries on sensitive skin. The pulling action damamges the skin. So go easy on it.

The best option would be to exfoliate your nose area with a mild scrub every now and then and use the pore strips less frequently. Maybe once or twice a month.

What DB likes?
- Quick fix to remove blackheads if you are heading out to a party
- Economical
- Can be done at home - dont need to go to the beauty salon for blackhead removal

What DB doesnt like?
- The pain - it can be a bit painful. If you find it too painful, just wet the strip and take it out.

Nose pore strips are available in all beauty stores.

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