Sweet Orange Essential Oil - Uses and benefits

Love oranges? Then you will love the Sweet Orange Essential oil. The oil has a sweet and tangy fragrance and is yellowish orange in colour. Compared to most other essential oils this one is a bit runny in consistency.

As you must have guessed, the sweet orange oil is extracted from the rind of the orange fruit. It has many therapeautic properties like
- antiseptic
- antidepressant
- diuretic
- carminative

You can use orange oil in many ways.

- As a massage oil. Add it to your bath water and it will help fight cold and flu. It also aids in elimination of toxins from the body. Relax in a bath with a few drops of orange oil and you will find all the tension and stress ease away.
- In a vapour jar. You can add it to your vapour jar and it will ease the symptoms of cold and flu. It will also help you get a good nights sleep.
- As a part of your cream. You can add a few drops to your cream or body lotion and it will help in moisturising dry skin and also help detoxify skin.
- As a room freshner. Mix a few drops of the essential oil in your regular room spray bottle and spray it in the house. It banishes stale odours effectively. You could also add a few drops in your floor cleaner liquid for a clean smelling floor.

Personally, I love it as a room freshner. I mix a few drops of the oil with my lavender room spray and spritz it around the room. It gives such a sweet happy fragrance :)

Note: As with most essential oils, many people are allergic or intolerant to orange oil. So, if you are using it for the first time, use it prudently after testing. Never use any essential oil undiluted on the skin. Always mix it with a carrier oil or cream when applying it on the skin.


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