The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser - Review

I have combination skin on the face with the T-zone getting quite oily at times while the remaining area goes dry. Weird, isn't it? Well, I was looking for a cleanser which will work well on both areas. And then I found this foaming cleanser from The Body Shop. I was hoping it would work for me. Afterall I had heard only good things about it. Read on for my experience.

The foaming cleanser claims to gently cleanse the skin while removing make-up and impurities. It helps to keep the skin blemish free. Though I do not have any blemishes as such but skin does break out at times especially around the nose.

I have been using the foaming cleanser for about a month now and I love how it leaves my skin feeling clean and ready for moisturisation. Just wet your face and apply the cleanser. Massage to lather and rinse with warm water. It keeps the T-zone relatively oil free but doest make the other parts drier. The smell is pleasant too, but not all may like the tea tree smell.

- works well to clean up the skin. I have combination skin and it suits me well. I think it will be pretty useful to those with oily skin.
- lasts long. I have been using it regulary for about four weeks now and I still have about half a bottle left. So, deinitely good value for money.
- removes makeup and grime quite effectively.

- while not exactly a minus point, some many not like the tea tree fragrance.

Overall, a good buy and I would recommend it. When using in conjunction with the Tea Tree Night Lotion, it keeps your skin clean and clear.
Price: £5.00 for 150ml

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