Philips NT9110 Nose Hair Trimmer

I recently purchased the Philips NT9110 Nose Hair Trimmer for my hubby who loves to be well groomed and this was the only missing item in his grooming kit. So, I ordered this about 2 months back. Not only does the trimmer look stylish and elegant but it does the job well as per my husband. I have listed the pros and cons based on my husband's experience using the product.

The boxed product set contains the following
- The Trimmer
- 2 eyebrow combs
- A protective cap
- 1 small cleaning brush
- 1 AA battery

- The angled design is a plus point. It makes it easier to navigate and reach the hair.
- It cuts the hair rather than pulling them. This makes it virtually pain-free to use.
- Easy to clean. It claims to be 100% waterproof. So, you can rinse it directly under the tap or use the little brush that is provided in the kit.
- The product comes with a 2 year guarantee.

Though not a con, but what seems to be a design flaw is the on-off mechanism. To switch on the trimmer you need to turn it clockwise. And to switch it off you need to turn it in the reverse direction ie. anti-clockwise. What hubby says is at times if you turn it anti-clockwise a little more than needed then the trimmer body opens up revealing the battery chamber. This has nothing to do with the trimmers performance. But it is annoying at times.

Overall, it is a great little product. Easy and safe to use. And a reasonable price.

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