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MyProtein Protien Cookie in Double Chocolate Chip Flavour

About a year back, hubby had ordered Whey Protein powder for me, to supplement my protein intake. After a couple of uses, I stopped consum...

About a year back, hubby had ordered Whey Protein powder for me, to supplement my protein intake. After a couple of uses, I stopped consuming it simply because my system was not able to handle it. It was difficult to consume and my body did not like it either. After lying around for a good whole year, it finally went to the bin.

A couple of months back I enrolled in a gym and started with some regular exercises. And Mr Husband again thought of ordering some protein supplements for me. This time around he ordered High Protein Cookies in chocolate flavour. Read on to know how they fared and whether I am still eating them after 2 months :)

The cookies that we ordered were the MyProtein Protein Cookie which is a baked cookie with over 50% protein content in each. Each 75g cookie has around 37g of protein. The high protein content makes it ideal as a pre or post workout snack. Taken before your workout it gives you the necessary energy to train and eaten after a workout it will aid in the recovery process of the muscles.

Here is some nutritional information about the cookie. Each 75g cookie contains
Energy: 317kcal
Protein: 37.5g
Carbohydrate: 19.55g (of which sugars): 7.32g
Fat: 9.93g (of which saturates): 3.9g
Fibre: 1.4g
Sodium: 0.27mg

The cookies come in four flavours - Double Chocolate Chip, White Chocolate Almond, Chocolate Orange and Chocolate Mint Flavour. I will be reviewing the double chocolate chip ones.

The first time I had the cookies, I was not very impressed. I felt they were dry and hard to eat and I could barely manage eating half a cookie. But now after 2 months, I have begun to LOVE them. Ofcourse they are not like a regular chocolate cookie. But it tastes good actually. I take time to chew it well and savour its taste. The cookies are quite dense and one cookie will fill you up. It fills me up :) and is perfect as my after workout snack. I am so in love with these cookies that I eat them even when I have not worked out ;-) All in all I love the taste and texture and definitely prefer this over the Whey protein supplement.

Major plus points for the cookie according to me are:
- the high protein content (37.5g protein in each 75g cookie - that's more than 50% of it being protein)
- each cookie is packaged individually and hence is easy to carry in your gym bag or handbag
- I don't need water to gulp these down as is the case with some other meal bars/protein supplements
- the decent taste.

Last word: I am really enjoying these and would recommend them to anyone who is planning to buy protein cookies. Please do check the ingredients list and allergens advice before ordering though.

Availability: Online on the Myprotein website.
Price: £16.49 for 12 bars of 75g each

The site offers free delivery when the order amount is over £50. We had also ordered some other stuff including the Recovery XS Ready to Shake. I will review that shortly.

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