Tesco Free From Dairy - Almond Drink

As a part of the BzzAgent Campaign for the Tesco Free From Dairy Range, I purchased Free From Almond Drink and Soya Creme Caramel Dessert. Here are my views on the Almond Drink.

First thing first - I found it difficult to track down the Free From Dairy products. I visited the Southbury Tesco and was disappointed at the minimal selection on offer. Considering the size of the store I had hoped to find a decent selection to choose from. I was particularly keen on trying out the 'Spreads' but found none. I wish the stores had stocked up well on the new items. And it would have been good if the Free From Dairy range was stocked up all in one aisle. That would have been so easy to locate.

Anyway I picked the two items mentioned earlier.

The Free From - Almond is an Almond alternative to dairy milk with the benefit of added calcium. I picked this up because my partner has mild intolernace to milk and I thought this would be a good alternative. The drink was pale brown in colour with a nutty almond taste. It was not sweet though - maybe a little on the blander side. Thats what my partner felt. But it was good to drink straight from a glass on its own if you are not bothered about the sweetness.


I also tried using it a recipe instead of regular milk. The drink is called Almond-Carrot Delicacy.

2-3 carrots (peeled, boiled and pureed)
3-4 tsps sugar (as per your taste)
2 cardamom pods
a pinch of cinnamon

Method: Add the sugar, cinnamon and cardamom pods to the carrot puree and cook for 10-12 minutes. Once its cooled add the Almond drink in the ration of 3:1 or equal parts based on how thick you want the drink to be. Chill it in the refrigerator and serve after a couple of hours.

Overall verdict - Like the fact that its dairy free and has added calcium. Its also 'Low in Saturates'. Thats a plus.


However, on its own the drink tastes a bit bland. Would have definitely loved it had it been a bit more sweeter and flavoursome. However, when mixed with other drinks, it works well. The nutty taste combined with the sweetness of carrots made for a delicious drink.

I may not use this regularly - but wouldn't rule it out completely either.

P.S. This review is for a BzzAgent Campaign. Please read the 'About Me' section for more information.

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