Lavender Floral Water (Lavandula Angustifolia) - Review

I am a huge fan of body mists and floral waters. I prefer them over deos. Recently I purchased some stuff from EssentialOilsOnline and one of them was the Lavender Floral Water. I will be reviewing the product today.

Product claims:
Toning, Soothing and Antiseptic. Lavender floral water, like the essential oil, is a very popular and versatile hydrosol. It is a well balanced product and is suitable for all skin types on a regular basis. It can be used daily as a make up remover and cleanser and can be sprayed on the face and neck in dry atmospheres.

My experience: I am sure most of you ladies out there must love the fragrance of Lavender. And I am no different. I love its fragrance. The floral water comes in a sturdy cobalt blue plastic bottle with a spray top. Its easy to use and carry around.

Floral waters are usually produced during the steam distillation of the herb for its essential oil and hence contain many of the properties found in the pure essential oil. Let me now tell you some of the uses of Lavender water.

- It has antiseptic properties and so you can use it for minor infections and skin rashes. I had read somewhere that it is also used in the treatment of acne.
- It has a calming effect, so can be used as a bed/pillow spray to get a good sleep.
- You can use it as a natural perfume (thats what I use it the most for)
- It can also be used as a room freshner.
- Men can use it before and after shave to keep the skin non-irritated.
- And like it says in the product description, you can use it as a cleanser or makeup remover.

I can only think about good things to say about this product. No cons. Added benefit is that its a 100% pure and natural product. So, according to me its a must have item in your handbag or home.

I purchased my bottle online - £3.05 for 100ml on EssentialOilsOnline. There are many brands out there. So reasearch well before you buy one.


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