Brabunny - Breast Cancer Awareness

The number of people diagnosed with breast cancer is rising every year and Cancer Reasearch UK is doing pioneering research in preventing, controlling and curing cancer. A number of charities and retailers help by raising money for the research. And one such brand is Brabunny.

Brabunny is a brand endorsed by Cancer Research UK and a part of the money earned through the sale of Brabunny merchandise goes towards breast cancer research.

The main product is the Brabunny, which is a cute little pink bunny with a special clip that allows it to be attached to your clothing or accessories. You can wear it in different ways - clipped to your clothing or your hair and even your handbags or hats. The bunny is a limited edition product and comes with an authenticity card and a unique registration number. £1 from every Brabunny sale goes to the Cancer Research UK.

Chocolate bars - Brabuuny chocolate bars weighing at 80gms are available in different kinds of packaging each with one a different message inside.

Brabunny also has a range of greeting cards. Each card has a beautiful hand-drawn image by Simon Taylor-Kielty.

You can view the entire range here.

Visit the Brabunny website to browse through the entire range. Do your bit for supporting cancer research by picking up a Brabunny product and by spreading the word.

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