ACM Novophane DS Rebalancing Shampoo - Review

Today I will be reviewing the ACM Novophane DS Rebalancing Shampoo which is a medicated shampoo used for treating scalp itching and moderate dandruff.

Product Claims:
- Rebalancing Shampoo
- Treats moderate scaly scalp conditions
- Treats moderate dandruff
- Treats itching and scalp redness

My experience: I sometimes use medicated shampoos to take care of scaly scalp and itching. Though I do not have any dandruff problems now, sometimes the scalp becomes flaky and at such times I prefer to use a proper medicated shampoo for treating it.

The ACM Rebalancing shampoo works fine. Just take a few drops and apply it gently on wet scalp. Let it stay on the scalp for a few minutes. Massage gently if you wish to. And then rinse it off like you would do with your normal shampoo. Because its medicated, I dont use it on a daily basis - only when needed. It takes care of flaky and itchy scalp pretty well.

Some of the active ingredients the shampoo contains are: Salicylic acid, Lactic acid, Sodium lactate and Pine oil.

Availability: I have only found this online. You can try searching for it on Ebay. Its priced at around £10.00 for 125 ml (shipping extra based on where you reside)

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