NYX Girls Polish - Pop Culture and Under the Moon - Review

Today I will be reviewing the 2 nail colors that I recently picked up from Nyx's website.

Product Details:
NYX Girls Polish offers a high-octane and trendy colours to your nails. The formula dries quickly, is long lasting and does not chip. Paint fun and gorgeous nails.

My experience: With more than 140 shades to choose from, I was spoilt for choice. I picked 2 colours to try this range out.
- NGP 221 Under the Moon
- NGP 159 Pop Culture

For the price that they are sold at I found the quality of these polishes to be quite consistent. Major relief was that the brushes were good. The polish glides on smoothly on the nails and is esay to apply. Both the shades needed 3 coats to get a good colour and coverage.

Without the top coat "Pop Culture" lasted for 5 days which I was happy with. I normally change nail colours every week, so this was perfect for me. The other one "Under the Moon", surprisingly lasted 7 days. I had thought it would be the other way around. Pop Culture is such a lovely summer colour. Looks absolute delish. Under the Moon - loved this one too. The glitter reflects beautiful under light. Care needs to be taken while applying though; that the glitter is properly distributed on the nail. You wouldn't want all the glitter to be cluttered at one place.

What DB likes?
- good consistency
- wide range of colors to choose from
- decent price
- good lasting power - stayed well for a week on my nails.

What DB doesnt like?
- need atleast 3 coats for a good coverage and color
- the glitter polish takes a bit longer to remove, but if you love glitters then you will ignore this fact.

Price: £2.50 each

Overall, I love these nail colours and will be purchasing other colours soon.
Tip: Use "Under the Moon" over other colours, to get lovely new combinations.

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