Avon Skin So Soft Original Dry Oil Spray - Review

Product claims: Nourishes all skin types. Locks in essential moisture, light non-greasy formula. Now with jojoba  oil.

My experience: After having read a lot of positive reviews about this product on the Avon website, I thought of  giving it a try because at times even I am lazy to moisturise my body properly. Always had wished there would be something to just spray on and the job's done. Having never used a dry oil spray before, I was eager to try this out.

I have used it many times since I purchased it a few weeks back. And here is what I feel. Its super easy to use - just spray and rub in and you are ready to go. It moisturises the skin well and you can easily reach areas you would normally have difficulty with. Best is to spray it on right after a bath. Leaves your skin supple for quite some time.

I would have preferred a more feminine or fruity fragrance though. Havent got a chance to test out its mosquito repellant properties yet. Most readers on Avon's site mention that it keeps mozzies away ;-)

What DB likes?
- hydrating
- non greasy
- easy to use
- easy to carry while travelling

What DB doesnt like?
- for some reason, I am not liking its fragrance.

Price and Availability: £5.00 for 150 ml on Avon's webiste. Got it for £2.50 while it was on offer.

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