Avon Miami Party Body Mist - Review

I couldnt stop myself from reviewing this first. Totally loving it.

Product claims: Fresh, citrus-scented spray evokes all the excitement of summer fun, and is ideal as a light, refreshing day spritz.

My experience: I had added this item to my shopping cart based just on the color - Blood orange. I knew it would be a heady and warm fragrance at the same time. And the product has not disappointed me. Inspired by the warm sunny beaches of Miami, this body mist smells like a heady floral cocktail. Its exotic, gentle, seductive and heady as well. Perfect fragrance for the summers. But I think I will use it all year round because I simply love the fragrance.

What DB likes?
- the fragrance

What DB doesnt like?
- I cannot seem to find anything that I dont like.

I would surely repurchase.

Price and availability: £3.50 for 100ml on Avon website


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  1. You add a really awesome product in your shopping cart, I also used before it and it's fragrance smell are really great.


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