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Pure-Col PainNoMore - Aloe & Collagen Massage Lotion

A pain relief lotion that combines Collagen with Aloe Vera - have you heard of it? If not, read on. Pure-Col PainNoMore was designed to provide relief from sporting injuries as well as debilitating aches and pains including arthritis.

According to the makers, Pure-Col, who are leading collagen specialists, this pain relief massage lotion provides an antidote to a number of complaints.

Pure-Col PainNoMore - Aloe & Collagen Massage Lotion


Puressentiel Muscles & Joints Roller

Happy Monday! Hope each one of you had a lovely weekend.

Featured today on the blog is a product from Puressentiel, one of Europe's leading aromatherapy brands. Even though Puressentiel had launched in the UK in late 2014, I had not heard of them until a few weeks back. The brands philosophy is to make aromatherapy accessible to everyone. Each one of their products is a pure concentrate of natural active ingredients.

Puressentiel products:
- are made with 100% natural active ingredients
- make use of pure and natural essential oils
- do not contain parabens, colourants, GMO, phenoxyethanol or synthetic fragrances
- are not tested on animals
- are validated by tests and studies led by independent authorized organisations

I have been using one of Puressentiel's products for some time now. It is the Puressentiel Muscles & Joints Roller (75ml, £14.99) which is an aromatherapy roller with 14 essential oils that help to take care of muscles before and after exercise as well as help to relax and soothe strained muscles. The essential oils used in the roller are said to possess anti-inflammatory, anti-stiffness, anti-swelling and analgesic properties and work together to reduce muscular tensions and stiffness.

Puressentiel Muscles & Joints Roller

My feedback on the Puressentiel Muscles & Joints Roller

I will begin with the fragrance. If you use pain-relieving topical products like I do, then you must be familiar with the strong fragrance such products come with. This roller is also similar. It has a strong medicinal scent (Eucalyptus and Menthol to be precise) that I quite like. I feel, scent plays an important part in relaxing you and also aids in pain relief. And this roller is spot-on with the fragrance.

Application is easy - use it just like you would use a deodorant roller. There is a cool, tingling sensation on application which turns to a very mild warmth in some time. There is 75ml of the product in the roller. Although it looks like a small sized product, it is sure to last a long time. I have noticed that I need to use only a little of the product each time I reach out to it. I have used it on stiff neck and shoulders (blame the long hours in front of a laptop) and it is effective. Also helps to ease stiffness in calves.

Note: Do not use it on broken or damaged skin as it can sting. This applies not just to this Puressentiel product but to all similar products from other brands as well.

Puressentiel Muscles & Joints Roller

Puressentiel Muscles & Joints Roller

I give this product a thumbs-up mainly for:
- The practicality : The roller is perfect for use when I am travelling or outdoors and would not like to use my hands to apply a pain-relieving cream/gel.
- The scent : I love the strong herbal fragrance.
- It is natural, effective and non-irritating.

You can buy this and other products from Puressentiel from Boots, Superdrug and some other independent pharmacies across the UK.

Puressentiel Muscles & Joints Roller

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
- World Health Organization, 1948
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HoMedics iHeal with PEMF Technology

As someone who suffers from chronic pain, I am always on the lookout for new and innovative methods of pain management. There was a time when I used to simply pop a painkiller to manage my pain but over the past few years I have drastically reduced my dependence on pain killers mainly because of certain gut conditions. I still do take anti-inflammatory painkillers when the inflammation and pain is bad. But when the symptoms are not too bad, I prefer to manage the pain with non-medication approaches. One such approach that I have taken help of recently is the HoMedics iHeal.

HoMedics iHeal with PEMF technology

The iHeal uses pulsed electro-magnetic field (PEMF) waves to stimulate the body’s natural healing process. Clinically proven, this technology increases cell activity, repair and faster recovery from most soft tissue injuries. According to the makers, the iHeal can be used for targeted treatment of:
  • Tendonitis
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Tennis/golfer’s elbow
  • Painful/arthritic joints
  • Sports strains
  • Aching muscles
HoMedics iHeal with PEMF technology

HoMedics iHeal with PEMF technology

HoMedics iHeal with PEMF technology

My experience: The iHeal is a very tiny device - just 38mm. It can be attached either with hypo-allergenic sticky patches or using the strap sleeve - both of which are provided in the box. The unit is charged by lithium batteries which are also included and a small mini screwdriver is provided(for use when you want to replace the batteries).

When the iHeal is switched on, the indicator light gives a short flash at a constant rate. This indicates the frequency of the electromagnetic pulse. While there is no set length of time for treatment, the makers recommend a minimum of 4 hours. My rheumatic condition has affected my fingers, the palm area and spreading onto the wrists. These are the areas where I have constant pain and stiffness. So, I used the iHeal to target these 3 areas. Because I did not find it inconvenient to use(no tingling, no noise), I let the unit stay for around 6-8 hours a day on my hand. Using the iHeal did seem to have helped a bit. But it's always a little difficult to be sure as my rheumatic pain tends to flare up and recede on its own. But whether this was a placebo effect or the PEMF waves at work, I still had a positive outcome. And any relief from pain, however little it may be, is always welcome.

Also, because of its tiny size, the iHeal can be worn under clothes and I find this aspect ideal when I am travelling or out and about.

HoMedics iHeal with PEMF technology

The iHeal should not be used if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker or other heart problems. As with all such types of treatments, please consult your GP before using the iHeal. The instruction manual that comes with iHeal lists out all the precautions and safeguards. If you would like more information on the HoMedics iHeal(£49.99) you can visit HoMedics UK.

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
- World Health Organization, 1948
Post contains PR samples.

Qfiber WRIST Heat Wrap from JDHarris

I have taken longer than I had expected to put this post up. A flare-up of my rheumatic pain meant that I did not do much of typing over the past couple of weeks. You would have noticed this from the fewer number and recycling of posts on the blog of late. But it also meant that the product was used much more than I had anticipated. During a PR flare-up my wrist joint and the phalanges are the ones mostly affected. Needless to say the Qfiber Wrist Wrap was put to good use.

The Qfiber package includes:
- The wrist wrap
- A power adapter
- An USB adapter
- A car charger
- A wall plug
- A light-weight battery pack
- An instruction manual

So, what is Qfiber?
According to their website "Qfiber is a high-tech therapeutic wrap that provides the user with infrared heat therapy in the car, home, office, computer (USB), or with a lightweight battery pack. Qfiber can be used by individuals looking for soothing relief from pain, muscle tension, stress, and more. Qfiber uses infrared heat which is a beneficial form of sunlight and medicinal energy. The result is an unmatched therapeutic advantage over any other form of heat therapy available. Most of all, it does not give off harmful Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF’s) like traditional electric heat products."

The Qfiber wrist wrap is essentially the Qfiber fabric covering the circumference of the wrist. It is a 'one-size-fits-all' and is ideal for use while at work on the computer to relieve the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. You can also use it to minimise arthritic pain and soreness. I have used it many times over the past couple of weeks, usually an hour at a stretch and it does provide relief. What I have noticed with this heat patch is that it does not feel very hot while in use, but the heat is said to penetrate deep inside. It is an excellent alternative to hot water bottles which only provide superficial heat treatment. The Qfiber wrap provides deep down heat treatment without the discomfort. The wrap can also be used on the ankle.

The Qfiber wrap has a USB unit which is what you use to power up the wrap. You can connect it to your laptop, use the direct power adapter or any of the other modes of charging. There is a heat level controller and you can adjust the levels as per your requirements. I like the fact that the Qfiber can be used anytime, anywhere. It is light-weight and easy to carry, even while on the move. If you suffer from CTS or any other kind of wrist pain or soreness or if your wrist is sprained, you could give the Qfiber a try. While it is normally priced at RRP: £59.95, it is currently available for £44.99 on the JDHarris website.

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
- World Health Organization, 1948
PR sample

A Drug-free Medical Device to Reduce Pain & Inflammation - ActiPatch®

Pain and my body go hand in hand. It is as though there is some close connection between myself and pain. If it is not migraine, then it is sciatica. If not these two then rheumatic pain which affects my hands, wrists and feet. And then there is dysmenorrhoea and heartburn. I would be lucky if I could say that I have had a totally pain-free day. Ever since I was diagnosed with Palindromic Rheumatism I have also had to put up with overall fatigue and body pain. So, obviously if there is any product that claims to offer pain relief, I am ready to give it a go.

For a while now my wrists have been a problem area - the pain though not persistent is unmanageable when it does it strike. I was recently sent the ActiPatch® Advanced Long-Lasting Pain Relief and I was keen to try it when I had a wrist pain. But instead I ended up trying it first during an episode of severe neck pain. ActiPatch® is an award winning drug-free micro medical device that uses Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy to reduce pain and inflammation.

ActiPatch® Advanced Long-Lasting Pain Relief
ActiPatch 720 hour Muscle and Joint Pain Relief

How does ActiPatch® work?
According to the ActiPatch® website "Blood flow in the body is regulated by electrical signals that travel along nerves. The ActiPatch® modifies these nerve signals, providing pain relief by enhancing blood flow which reduces inflammation and restores the injured tissue to a healthy state. You will not feel heat, vibration or any type of sensation using the ActiPatch®. There are no side effects affiliated with this technology making it the ideal method over common pain relief medications."

ActiPatch® comes as three variants targeting different areas in the body:
- Back Pain
- Knee Pain and
- Muscle and Joint Pain

I received the ActiPatch® Muscle & Joint Pain Relief which can be used on multiple locations on ones body to reduce chronic and acute pain and inflammation including muscle & joint soreness, strains & sprains, neck & shoulder pain, hip pain and much more. The ActiPatch® Muscle & Joint Pain Relief kit contains: one ActiPatch® and sixty adhesive strips.

Using ActiPatch® is very easy. First you activate the device by peeling off the white adhesive tab from the main module. Once you do this, you will notice a silver coloured push button. Push this button and hold it down for a few seconds. Once the device is activated you will see a green LED light on the other side of the device. Now use the adhesive strips provided to fasten the ActiPatch® directly over the area of pain. You can wear the ActiPatch® continuously until the pain reduces or for a minimum of eight hours daily. To deactivate the device press the silver button and hold it down again and the green LED light will turn off.

Does it work?
Yes, it does. The ActiPatch® does not offer instant pain relief. It takes a while and the pain reduces gradually. In my case, after 6-7 hours of using the ActiPatch® my neck pain reduced considerably and that too without the use of pain killers. I continued to wear the patch and the neck pain was gone for good in 2 days time and hasn't come back since. I was quite happy because even if I had used painkillers the pain would normally take around 3-4 days to subside. The only problem I had was that the adhesive strip caused rashes on my skin. Probably the adhesive irritated  my skin. So, the next time I used ActiPatch®, I used my regular waterproof plaster and the problem was solved. The patch fits best on large areas of skin like the back, shoulder etc. For the neck area I had to use more than 2 plasters to hold it in place. Another point to note is that the ActiPatch® doesn't generate heat while in use. So essentially when it is working you will feel nothing - no movement, no vibration, no heat. It does its work quietly.

I am glad that I have found a way to reduce my usage and dependence on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory products such as ibuprofen and aspirin as these tend to worsen my GERD. Although I still use painkillers(they have their place in my life) I feel good that I am lessening my reliance on them. If you suffer from joint pains, back ache or any kind of arthritic pain, you can give ActiPatch® a try. It is non-medicinal and doesn't cause any side effects.

You can read more about the ActiPatch® technology here. ActiPatch® products are available worldwide and in the UK you can pick it up from Boots.

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
- World Health Organization, 1948
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Deep Freeze: Cold Therapy for Pain Management

Though I am not into sports, sprains and strains & aches and pain are a part of my life. My knees have been problem parts for a decade now. They often tend to 'pseudo-lock' causing pain and discomfort while also limiting my knee movement. At such times the only thing that works in reducing the pain is rest and a cold compress. Cold therapy is a widely used therapeutic remedy. It helps to reduce pain as well as swelling.

I have been using the Deep Freeze range for a few months now and they have been a constant companion when I go out travelling helping me manage my pain better. There are 3 products in the range: Deep Freeze Cold Gel, Deep Freeze Cold Spray and the Deep Freeze Cold Patch.

The Cold Gel is a fast acting gel that cools the problem area to help kill pain instantly. It works well on joint and tendon pain and also on muscle strains & sprains. The Cold Spray, similar to the gel, is fast acting and provides an instant burst of cool pain relief. This is a perfect travel companion for me as all I need to do is spray it on for those sudden bursts of pain and there is instant relief. The Cold Patch is perfect for those times when you need long lasting cold therapy. It is easy to apply and sticks well on the skin. You can use it on the joints too and it provides gentle cooling effect for a couple of hours.


The Deep Freeze range can be purchased from ASDA, Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, Morrison's, Sainsbury's and many independent pharmacies across the UK.

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“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
- World Health Organization, 1948

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THERA°PEARL Eye-ssential Mask - Reusable Hot and Cold Therapy

THERA°PEARL packs aim to provide effective therapeutic benefit to treat pain, swelling and bruising. THERA°PEARL make a wide range of packs like the Knee Wrap, the Neck Wrap, Face Mask, Eye-ssential Mask, Contour Pack and Back Wrap among others.

The unique feature of THERA°PEARL packs is the innovative Pearl Technology® that absorbs and delivers heat and cold for  highly effective therapy. The pack can be frozen for 2 hours in the fridge and then used to treat injuries or any other physical trauma. Alternately you can heat the pack in microwave for a maximum 15 seconds and use it to warm up muscles and to prevent injuries during exercise.
Let me tell you about my experience with the THERA°PEARL Eye-ssential Mask. I have used it mostly as a cold therapy pack. The packaging says freeze it for 2 hours, however I left it for around 4 hours in the refrigerator compartment and not in the freezer. The reason being my previous experience with a gel filled eye mask ages back. Leaving it in the freezer used to make it very hard and unergonomic to use. Keeping it in the refrigerator section works well for me. The cool feeling lasts for a good 15 minutes which is enough to soothe and relax the eyes. The eye mask as a cold pack takes care of eye puffiness/under eye bags.

I have also used it to provide cooling relief to the eye area after getting my eyebrows done :) Just put the cool mask on and relax for 15 minutes while the mask does it's job.

One of the uses of the eye mask is to help with headaches. I suffer from migraine and this feature of the mask is what attracted me the most to it. Thankfully, I haven't had an episode of migraine in the last 2 weeks and so haven't tested the mask for headache yet.

The mask can be reused and washed with soapy water as well. I have put it to use 6 times in the last 10 days and it is working fine. Most eye masks that I have used earlier tend to wear off after sometime and the inner contents leak. I am not sure how long this eye mask will last, but as of now it looks like the best one I have used so far. I particularly love  the cute little blue pearls inside the mask.

What I liked?
- It is comfortable. Being pliable it fits most face shapes perfectly. It fits both me and Mr. H perfectly well even though the shapes of our faces are quite different :)
- Compact design makes it easy to carry while travelling.
- Works nicely for de-puffing eyes.
- Easy to use: The mask is easy to put on and remove because of the snaps provided on the sides.
- Soothing and relaxing

You can check out THERA°PEARL on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and Google+ for more information on their product range.

Do you use eye masks?  How do you prefer it - Hot or Cold? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Note: Please read the instructions on the packaging before use.

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Tiger Balm Red - Powerful, herbal relief from aches and pains

I have been using Tiger Balm for more than a decade now. Although it works well for backache, shoulder pain etc. what I use it the most for is my Migraine headaches. This is the only balm that works to relieve moderate migraine pain. As long as I can avoid popping a Disprin/Ibuprofen, I would prefer to use the Tiger Balm.

You can spot a Tiger balm easily even amongst a horde of other pain balm bottles due to its characteristic hexagon shape and bright orange colour. The running tiger on the box and glass jar is also a familiar feature. The reddish orange balm has a strong captivating aroma - at least I LOVE it :) I know that sounds weird, but I really like that strong aroma. It disappears gradually though in a few hours.

On application the balm offers a cooling sensation which is quite pleasant and then gradually you feel a warming sensation. Whether it is the aroma that does the magic or the mix of ingredients working together, I do not know. But  in most cases my headache disappears after sometime. At times when the migraine is severe, it does not totally get rid of the pain, but does provide some relief.

Ingredients: Camphor (11%) and Menthol (10%)
Inactive Ingredients: Cajuput Oil, Clove Oil, Cinnamon Oil, Dementholized Mint Oil, Yellow Soft Paraffin and Hard Paraffin.

The balm has never broken me out. Well, I have been using it for more than 10 years and my skin and system is now totally adapted to it. However, if you are using it for the first time, then do read the instruction leaflet carefully.

You can purchase it in Boots (£4.30 for 19g) or if you are travelling to Singapore, India, Thailand or China, you can purchase it there for a cheaper price.

Other similar products:
The Gwdihw Magic Muscle Rub to bring relief from joint and muscular pains.

Quick review: Gwdihw Magic Muscle Rub

This is the third tin of Gwdihw(Goody Hoo) that I currently have in possession. This one is the Magic Muscle Rub that comes in a cute little tin similar to the Gwdihw Nail Wizard Hand Balm and the Gwdihw Smoochy Lips.

With an ingredient list that includes Wintergreen Oil and Nutmeg Oil, both of which are known for their anti-inflammatory properties, the muscle rub promises to bring relief from joint and muscular pains. The texture of the balm is a bit waxy but once you start applying it, the balm melts and glides well onto the skin. The balm has a fragrance typical to pain balms - its somewhere between the Tiger Balm and Vicks Balm. I have been using it to relieve backache and  tired legs. It feels good on application and does provide temporary relief. You can carry it in your handbag or travel bag as it can be handy to relieve discomfort from sore muscles while travelling.

Priced at £4.49 for a 25g tin, this a good bargain. You can purchase the Gwdihw range on their website here.
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