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Giveaway | Win a Goodie Bundle

I have a wonderful giveaway for my lovely readers today. One lucky entrant stands the chance to win all the 4 products listed below.

Win a goodie bundle with DB Reviews - Giveaway

First up there are two products from BetterYou - experts in the field of transdermal magnesium. BetterYou’s transdermal magnesium range is an award winning and pioneering way to replenish magnesium levels. It is ideal for supplementing magnesium levels, not only due to the absorption but the ease of delivery as well. I was introduced to this brand last year and have used many of their products including the two featured in this post and they are very effective.


bkr - Not Just a Water Bottle But a Stylish Accessory Too

One of my new found loves is the bkr water bottle. The bottle is made of sturdy glass and comes with a silicone sleeve. It looks beautiful and elegant, is the perfect size for travel, doesn't leak and unlike plastic doesn't seep chemicals into the water. The bottles are BPA and Phthalate-free. After having used the bottle for a few weeks here is what I feel about it.

bkr skye water bottle
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