bkr - Not Just a Water Bottle But a Stylish Accessory Too

One of my new found loves is the bkr water bottle. The bottle is made of sturdy glass and comes with a silicone sleeve. It looks beautiful and elegant, is the perfect size for travel, doesn't leak and unlike plastic doesn't seep chemicals into the water. The bottles are BPA and Phthalate-free. After having used the bottle for a few weeks here is what I feel about it.

bkr skye water bottle
I was initially a little sceptical about the durability of the bottle as it is made of glass. But the silicone sleeve does a great job at protecting the bottle from falls. Obviously, I did not drop the bottle just to test this but I did accidentally drop it once on a wooden floor and the sleeve protected it. The sleeve also provides a comfortable grip. The 500ml size is perfect for travels and the small sized mouth is similar to a disposable plastic bottle. It is easy to drink from the bottle but the small opening means you cannot add lemon or other fruit slices into the bottle. So, if you like flavouring your water with fruit slices, this bottle may not be for you. I personally do not find this an issue.

The size of the bottle is also perfect for me. Fits easily into my backpack/handbag and holds enough water for a short travel. I like the modern and stylish design. It somehow makes me reach out for the bottle more and as a result consume more water. The bottle that I have is called 'Skye' and has a dreamy, sheer aqua-sky blue sleeve. The 500ml bottle retails for £25.00.

bkr skye water bottle

bkr skye water bottle
The sleeves come in many beautiful colour variations and most are limited edition! You can check out the entire colour range and purchase the bottles online from www.selfridges.com

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