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What are the Benefits of Made to Measure Blinds?

Collaborative content Although you can often find a ready-made blinds section in the majority of home décor and furnishing stores today, the...

Benefits of Made to Measure Blinds

Collaborative content

Although you can often find a ready-made blinds section in the majority of home décor and furnishing stores today, the fit and finish of made-to-measure blinds are unbeatable, especially if you are dealing with windows that aren’t a standard shape or size. Getting blinds made to measure can have a range of different benefits including the peace of mind that the blinds are going to be the perfect fit for your windows when you put them up and the satisfaction of knowing that you have a product that has been made specifically to meet your needs and requirements. When ordering made to measure blinds, you have an endless array of options to add to make them suitable for your home, such as adding motorisation options and remote control, paired with a size that fits your window like a glove and a colour and style that suits your home décor perfectly. 

Perfect Fit and Size

Most of us expect windows to be fitted in standard sizes, but this is quite a common myth. Even modern new-build homes will often have custom-fit windows, meaning that the measurements of ready-made blinds off the shelf might not always fit so perfectly compared to the average window dimensions. While you might be lucky enough to find a blind that fits well enough, it’s unlikely to be an absolutely perfect fit. And when a blind doesn’t fit properly, you might have to cut it to size, which can lead to making costly mistakes or cheapening the look of the entire room. 

On the other hand, made-to-measure blinds are customised with your windows in mind. You can either have somebody come to measure your windows for the blinds or measure them yourself and upload the dimensions to a site like Make My Blinds. With made to measure blinds from Make My Blinds, you can expect them to both look and perform better with a perfect fit, better efficiency, more privacy and better shading due to no gaps between the blind and the window frame. Check out Make My Blinds as your resource for made to measure blinds to get started. 

More Fabric and Lining Choices

Unlike the blinds that you will find available to buy off the shelf, bespoke, made-to-measure blinds offer a wider range of fabrics and linings for you to choose from. You will be able to explore a larger range of colours or patterns that will be the perfect choice for your home whether you are looking for something that will complement the existing décor and furnishings or want your windows to be a feature in their own right. In addition to a wider range of fabrics that are almost always guaranteed to be much better quality compared to store-bought blinds, you will also have a larger choice of fabric linings to choose from, whether you want blinds that let as much natural light as possible through, insulate your room more during the winter, or blackout the room at night for better sleep. 

Better Quality

Since made to measure blinds and handmade and customised to the dimensions of the window where they are to be fitted, the quality and craftsmanship are often much better compared to ready-made blinds. This is because careful attention is paid to make the blinds to fit your window, and the materials used are often much higher quality. The larger investment that is made in creating bespoke blinds will also often lead to blinds that last for longer. In addition, with made to measure blinds, you will also often get a longer warranty in place that you can use to have the blinds repaired or replaced should any faults occur. If you are in the process of choosing a made to measure blinds manufacturer, a long warranty is one of the key factors to look out for since this will typically mean that the manufacturer is very confident in the standards of work and customer service that they offer. 

More Personalisation Options

If you have ever been shopping for blinds and got frustrated because the options that you wanted for your blinds weren’t available in the right size for your windows or the colours that you wanted for your home, it’s probably worth considering investing in made to measure blinds instead. With bespoke blinds, the options are much more likely to be offered with a wider range of customisations available depending on the manufacturer. Unique beading or lace patterns can often be achieved with made to measure blinds, or you might consider having blinds that are completely personalised with a name or initial for a child’s room, for example. Some bespoke blinds manufacturers also offer very modern customisation options such as electronic blinds that you can control using a remote control or even with an app on your phone. 

Various Blind Options Available

Many people believe that getting made to measure blinds is going to be an expensive home improvement to make, but this is not always strictly true. In fact, there are various affordable blind options to consider such as made to measure roller blinds, which do not have any slats, making them cheaper to produce. Not only are these blinds a very affordable option for those looking for bespoke window coverings, but they are also easy to maintain and very easy to personalise with a huge range of different fabric colours and styles available. 

Style Your Home

It can be frustrating when you have spent time, money and energy decorating and furnishing your home only to find that it’s difficult to find ready-made blinds that are going to fit in. This doesn’t have to be a problem with made to measure blinds since you can customise them to fit in any way that you like. Most manufacturers will have a list of fabrics and linings that you can choose from when ordering bespoke blinds, but some may also be happy to go one step further and help you find a fabric style that you really want for your home to come up with a completely unique blind idea that you will not be able to find anywhere else. 

Safety Mechanisms

Finally, if you have children or pets at home, keeping the house safe for them is likely going to be one of your top concerns when it comes to making home improvements. While off-the-shelf blinds do sometimes come with additional safety measures to protect members of your family, this might not always be included with the style or colour of blind that you like. On the other hand, when having blinds made to measure, you can make sure that they are as safe as possible without compromising on blind look or style by adding a variety of safety measures and mechanisms such as shorter cords that can be kept easily out of the reach of children or pets. 

Buying blinds for your home can be frustrating if you struggle to find blinds that will fit your windows, match your décor or include all the features that you want. While they may take a little longer to make, it’s definitely worth considering investing in made-to-measure blinds to ensure that your windows are exactly how you envisioned them. 

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