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LED Lighting: Why It’s Time To Make The Switch

Collaborative content These days it seems like everyone is trying to tell you how you can make your home brighter, better, more energy effic...

Best lighting for your home

Collaborative content

These days it seems like everyone is trying to tell you how you can make your home brighter, better, more energy efficient. Whether it’s growing your own vegetables or fixing solar panels on your roof, changing your home for the better can sometimes feel a little overwhelming, especially when the outside world is so chaotic and unpredictable. However, making a change to your lighting is an extremely manageable project that will yield real results. Here are four reasons why it’s past time that you switched to LED.

LED Lights Are More Energy Efficient

You may not know that one of the biggest energy expenditures for most lightbulbs is not light at all, it’s actually heat. Yes, most bulbs lose around 4/5ths of their power as heat. But not LED bulbs. LED light bulbs only lose 10-20% of their power as waste heat, which means that all the rest of that is going towards its actual purpose: lighting your home. As a consequence, you can expect to see a real reduction in your energy bills, not to mention those CO2 emissions, when you make the switch to LED.

LED Bulbs Will Last Longer

That energy efficiency doesn’t just translate to a saving on your energy bills. It also means that you can expect to go a lot longer without having to buy a replacement. That long life is also due to the fact that, while other light bulbs will burn out due to weakening parts (the filament is usually the main culprit), LED bulbs have a more gradual depreciation. A typical LED light bulb will tend to last for more than 5,000 hours and go up to around 25,000 hours if you shell out for a bigger brand name. That is thousands more than you would expect from an incandescent or fluorescent light bulb. You can browse a wide range of LED light bulbs at, as well as tubes, fixtures and lamps.

LED Bulbs Are Better For Your Mood

It’s so important that we all take better care of our mental health right now, and we can’t underestimate the impact that lighting has on our mood. With LED light bulbs, you don’t have to worry about that awful flickering that can come with a traditional lightbulb’s loose filament. It can also provide a pretty excellent recreation of natural light, which as we know is a tremendous advantage as we wait for the long days of summer to reappear! LED lighting is also incredibly versatile when it comes to colour, allowing you to create a different ambiance for each room.

LED Bulbs Are Environmentally Friendly

As we mentioned, LED bulbs waste less energy and they last longer, and both of those factors mean that you’re making savings to your wallet and the environment. Another real benefit is that they do not contain mercury and other toxic chemicals that are often found in other light bulbs, and they are 100% recyclable. Making the switch to LED isn’t just a smart choice for your budget, it’s a smart choice for the planet.   

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