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What are the benefits of growing your own food?

Growing your own food is becoming all the more popular. There are a variety of reasons for this growth. Some are of an immediate benefit ...

Growing your own fruits and vegetables
Growing your own food is becoming all the more popular. There are a variety of reasons for this growth. Some are of an immediate benefit to you and some have a wider ripple around them.

If you are thinking about growing your own and you still need some convincing, then why not take a look through what we think are the main benefits of growing your own food?

It saves you money

If you are trying out healthy eating, then chances are that you are going to find that fruits, vegetables are expensive. Which means that any way that you can save money is likely to be appealing to you. Growing your own food, is going to save you money. There is no two ways about it. Whilst you will have to pay out in the first instance, this is definitely a long term investment.

It is satisfying

There really is nothing better than seeing something grow, knowing that you played a huge part in it. This is the main appeal of gardening. These feelings of satisfaction are made even stronger when not only do you have the chance to grow things, but that you can then eat them afterwards. It’s a bit of a hunter gatherer approach to feeding yourself and feeding your family too.

It is something that the whole family can enjoy

Talking of family, gardening, particularly growing food is something that every member of the family can enjoy doing. Encouraging children to get into garden from a young age is a really good idea and it will help to inspire the future gardener in them. Not only this, but it will be a great reason for them to get out in the fresh air, rather than stuck indoors.

You know where your food is coming from

We all like to think that we know exactly where our food is coming from. However, when we buy from a supermarket or from a store, we simply cannot be 100% sure. The only way to be entirely certain of where your food is coming from, is to be the place that it is coming from. Growing your own food means that you are going to be able to have peace of mind that you know exactly where it has been grown, who has touched and of course, just how fresh it is too.

You are helping the environment

Taking care of the world around us is something that so many of us need to focus on. After all, without it, we have no home. There are a variety of ways that you can do your part and one of the best ways has to be by growing your own food. Not only are you helping to pump out all the great stuff that plants give into the air, but you are also cutting down on the use of fossil fuels, particularly in the manufacturing, packaging and transportation of the foods that you would otherwise buy. You are also cutting down on the use of chemicals and pesticides, which can be incredibly harmful to the environment.

You don’t need a whole variety of equipment

One of the most common misconceptions about growing your own food is that you are going to need an absolute tonne of stuff to get started. Of course, there is going to be an initial outlay, but this is definitely an investment and something that you will make back on savings. Essentially you need much of the same equipment that you would need to do any form of gardening. However, some must haves that should be on your shopping list includes a compost heap (or tub if you want to keep it neat and tidy) and a polytunnel. Polytunnels are the ideal tool for growing your own food. They are designed to protect a variety of fruits and vegetables. Making sure that they have the ideal conditions to grow in. Pests and even the weather are not going to be able to have an impact, which will hopefully help you to have a pretty glorious crop in no time at all.

So, as you can see, there really are a real variety of reasons why it makes sense to grow your own food. What are you waiting for? With so many benefits for you to enjoy, it makes sense to get out there and cultivate your own fruits, vegetables, herbs and anything else that takes your fancy.

Post in collaboration with First Tunnels.

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