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Best hot teas and drinks for Autumn

Ad | Gifted | Contains affiliate links Autumn is a wonderful time of the year - cool & pleasant weather, blankets, cosy sweaters, ...

Best Hot Teas and Drinks for Autumn
Ad | Gifted | Contains affiliate links

Autumn is a wonderful time of the year - cool & pleasant weather, blankets, cosy sweaters, a good book and a cup of hot drink/tea in hand! It is also the time to try out new tea flavours. So, say goodbye to summer's iced teas and opt for a hot cuppa with warming spices and rich aromas.

I have rounded up some fantastic autumn inspired teas/drinks that you must try this season! Take a look.

Gingen Ginger Drinks

Gingen are one of Thailand’s most popular drinks brands. And Eurostar Commodities are the exclusive distributor of this popular drinks brand in the the UK.

Gingen is a zero calorie hot drink made with 100% natural ginger with zero preservatives or artificial colourings. The drink is available in three varieties:

Gingen Ginger Drinks

  • Strong Ginger Formula – which is 100% ginger with sucrose and has an earthy and spicy flavour.
  • Ginger with Honey – this has been naturally sweetened with brown sugar and honey and has a beautiful aroma and taste.
  • 100% Ginger - as the name suggests is 100% ginger (no sugar, no honey) with a gentle fragrant flavour. 

All the three flavours are additive-free, naturally delicious and offer the health benefits associated with ginger - aiding digestion, anti-inflammatory effects, boosting immunity and anti-bacterial properties.

Gingen Ginger Drinks

We loved all the three flavours. When infused with warm water, it makes for a warming drink that helps to heal and restore.

Prices start from £2.55 for a box of 10 sachets and can be purchased online from

Pukka Teas

Pukka have a large collection of organic teas, lattes and other herbal creations. Featured in this roundup are two fantastic products from their range - the 'Day to Night Collection' and the 'Ginger Joy Latte'.

Pukka Teas Organic Latte

The 'Day to Night Collection' features five blends - Ginseng Matcha Green, Turmeric Gold, Revitalise, After Dinner and Night Time. All the teas are ethically sourced and from 100% organically grown ingredients.

Ginseng Matcha Green (Sencha Korean green tea, lemongrass, ginger root, licorice root) and Turmeric Gold (Turmeric root, green tea, licorice root, cardamom pod) are best enjoyed in the morning, Revitalise (Ceylon cinnamon bark, orange peel, elderflower, cardamom pod, licorice root, ginger root, green tea, sweet cinnamon bark, spearmint leaf, clove bud, black peppercorn) is great as an afternoon brew while After Dinner (Roasted chicory root, aniseed, sweet fennel seed, licorice root, cardamom pod) and Night Time (Oat flowering tops, liquorice root, chamomile flavour, lavender flower) are perfect for the evening.

The tea collection comes in a box of 20 sachets.

Ginger Joy Latte contains Coconut Milk Powder, Blue Weber Agave Inulin, Ginger Root Powder, Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Powder, Turmeric Root Powder, Rice Concentrate, Ginger Root Extract, Clove Bud Powder and Nutmeg Powder and makes for a great warming drink. It is best with unsweetened almond milk, although you can add a bit of honey if you wish to sweeten it.

The latte comes in a 90g pack.

Both the 'Day to Night Collection' and the 'Ginger Joy Latte' can be ordered online here.

Sultan Tea

There is nothing like a good cup of Chai on an Autumn morning and featured in this guide is the Moroccan Chai from Sultan Tea.

With over 80 years of history, the Sultan Tea brand has a passion for authentic Moroccan tea. Their Moroccan Chai tea is a beautiful combination of the sweet and the spicy, blending black tea with sweet caramel and cinnamon to create a warming, gentle and aromatic chai. The chai is soothing and uplifting and will help you cut through the chilly weather during the autumn months.

Sultan Tea Moroccan Chai

While mint tea can be enjoyed all year round, Sultan's Moroccan Mint Tea makes for a great Autumn tea. Sultan's recipe beautifully blends mint and green tea to create a delicious infusion that has an intense and refreshing menthol flavour.

In addition to its great taste, mint teas are known to ease sore throat, calm coughs and acts as a mild stimulant.

Moroccan Teas from Sultan

Sultan's Good Night Tea is a relaxing, soothing and naturally sweet infusion that has been specifically crafted to aid with a better night’s sleep. Beautifully flavoured with notes of liquorice, lemon verbena and fresh mint, this makes for a great evening drink.

All the three teas listed above are available in 20 pack boxes, with the prices starting at £3.99.

Buy Sultan's teas from

The English Tea Shop Rooibos Chocolate Vanilla Tea

English Tea Shop is a premium speciality tea company who work with the finest Organic and Fairtrade farmers, blenders and producers from all over the world. Their product range includes a diverse range of organic teas, from the true classics to the more unusual.

The English Tea Shop Rooibos Chocolate Vanilla Tea

Featured in this guide is the Rooibos Chocolate Vanilla Tea which is a loose leaf tea featuring caffeine-free rooibos, blended with dark chocolate and real vanilla pods! It is delightfully indulgent and a sweet treat that will cheer you up and lets you get into the Autumn mood.

Order the English Tea Shop Rooibos Chocolate Vanilla Tea here.

Bonus: Herbal teas made with Tulsi (Holy basil) are also a great choice for autumnal drinks; especially the Tulsi+Ginger combo. Check out my review of Organic India's range of Tulsi teas here.

Love any of these teas? Do you have a favourite autumn tea? Let me know in the comments section below!


  1. I love Roobod tea so I would give the roobos chocolate vanilla a try

  2. i love tea but im not keen on fruit teas,ive tried pepermint tea a few times but the smell puts me off,a lot of flavoured teas have a greesy taste i find,the ginger with honey sounds ok though,i might give that a try as my husband has rheumatoid arthritis and swears by ginger tea

  3. Definitely the Moroccan Mint tea, love mint and tea so this would be a fantastic treat!

  4. Pukka teas are definitely some of my favourites but very interested in the The English Tea Shop Rooibos Chocolate Vanilla Tea

  5. Pukka - the flavours are the best ever - nothing but joy

  6. I absolutely adore pukka teas, especially mint