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Organic Tulsi Teas from Organic India

Ad | Gifted | Contains affiliate links There is nothing like a cup of hot tea. Whether it is black, green, oolong, white or herbal infusion...

Organic Tulsi Teas from Organic India

Ad | Gifted | Contains affiliate links

There is nothing like a cup of hot tea. Whether it is black, green, oolong, white or herbal infusions, tea offers a myriad of health benefits and a hot cup will leave you feeling revitalised. Both myself and Mr.H love tea and enjoy trying out new tea types not just at home but even while travelling. Many years back when we had travelled to Egypt, I first tried out Hibiscus tea and fell in love it. And I still enjoy drinking it.

Today, I am sharing with you some fantastic tea finds from Organic India. Organic India work with a number of small family farmers across India to cultivate thousands of acres of sustainable organic farmland. The essence of their brand is "consciousness in action". All their products and practices are created by conscious decisions based on true wellness & oneness for the planet, their farmers, their employees and the consumers.

Organic India have a large range of herbal teas, all of them featuring Tulsi. 

Tulsi (Holy Basil) is a sacred plant for the Hindus. It is grown in most Hindu households; my mom and both my grandmothers have Tulsi plants at home. In addition to being revered as a holy plant, Tulsi also has an important role in Ayurveda. It has purifying, detoxifying and cleansing properties and helps to ward off many common ailments and is also said to strengthen the immunity.

Organic India have blended Tulsi with other beneficial herbs and roots to create a range of teas that not only help with the wellbeing of the user but also provide a tasty and refreshing beverage option.

Organic Tulsi Teas from Organic India

We tried the following variants:

  • Tulsi Original:  Made with the finest Rama, Krishna and Vana Tulsi leaves, the original version is a soothing, uplifting, full-bodied beverage that is fresh and flavourful.
  • Tulsi Honey Chamomile: Tulsi blended with soft, smooth Chamomile flowers and Honey to create a soothing beverage that can be enjoyed hot or iced.
  • Tulsi Licorice Spice: A lovely and soothing blend of Tulsi with Licorice and Peppermint, this variant is fragrant and delicious and aids digestion as well.
  • Tulsi Ginger: A fantastic combination of Tulsi and Ginger, this tea is  a lovely, lightly spicy, fragrant drink that is perfect for warming up on cold days.
  • Tulsi Cinnamon Rose: What an unusual combination; but it works so well. Tulsi is blended with cinnamon, cardamom, rose petals and cassia to make a harmonious blend which inspires the senses while giving the immune system a healthy boost.

Organic Tulsi Teas from Organic India

Organic Tulsi Teas from Organic India

Tulsi leaves generally have an earthy, herbaceous flavour and are astringent in nature. We could notice the flavour profile in the teas; especially in the original version. The other blends - with added flavours of ginger, honey, cinnamon etc - were equally good. It is difficult to pick any one as our favourite as we enjoyed all the blends.

The Original is caffeinated while all the other blends are caffeine-free. You can adjust the flavour and strength by varying the steeping time. I steeped the teas for a little longer than recommended and even then it never felt bitter, the flavour profile was always clean and earthy.

The teas are available in packs of 25 tea bags, priced at £3.99 per pack. There are discounts available for multi-buys.

Organic Tulsi Teas from Organic India

In addition to the teas, Organic India also have a range of herbal supplements. They use the concept of whole herbs rather than plant extracts and also use capsules made from plant cellulose rather than gelatine making the supplements suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

We are trying out two of their supplements:

  • Ashwagandha: organically grown Ashwagandha root (Winter Cherry) in its pure, revitalising form. Ashwagandha has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic remedies for its adaptogenic properties. It is shown to combat fatigue, helps relieve stress and also helps enhance the ability to boost balance and overall well-being. A great supplement for building overall vitality.
  • Neem: Neem (Azadirachta indica) is a powerful natural cleanser and anti-fungal agent. It cleans and detoxifies the body, supports the immune system and also helps to balance digestion and metabolism. It also has antioxidant properties. Neem tree extracts are a part of many home remedies and Ayurvedic medicines since ancient times. If you are looking for something natural to support your immune health, this neem supplement is a great choice.

Herbal Supplements from Organic India

Other supplements that Organic India offer include Turmeric, Tulsi, Triphala, Amalaki, Shatavari and Brahmi to name a few.

We loved the quality of the products from Organic India be it the teas or the supplements. Organic standards form the foundation of the brands farming practices and they do not use synthetic chemicals or GMOs in their products. 

You can read more about Organic India's mission, browse their product range and make your purchase at

The products are also available to purchase from Organic India UK's Amazon Store.

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