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8 Ways to Prepare Your Outside Living Area for the Autumn

Collaborative post | Contains affiliate links Autumn is fast approaching. Despite the heatwaves of August, there are already signs of ...

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Collaborative post | Contains affiliate links

Autumn is fast approaching. Despite the heatwaves of August, there are already signs of leaves falling from trees and the sun going down earlier in the evening. While you may be enjoying the last few weeks of summer, autumn will soon be upon us, and it’s time to start thinking about what you are going to do with your garden as the colder months settle in.

For many, the garden is a summer pleasure. They spend summer days out with the kids, and evenings sipping wine in the early evening sun or enjoying a BBQ with friends. Then, as soon as autumn hits, they pile everything into the shed, close the door and forget about it for months.

However, if you have spent a lot of time and money creating a stylish outdoor living area, chances are you’d like to be able to make the most of it all year round instead of just for a few months over the summer. Here are some of the best ways to prepare your outside living area for cooler weather.

Tidy Up

The first thing that you need to do is tidy up. If you’ve spent the summer enjoying the garden, there may be outdoor toys, furniture and all sorts out there. Spend some time bringing things into the house, or packing them away into the shed, and weatherproof or cover any furniture that needs it.

Then, get into the habit of regularly sweeping up leaves, so that they don’t get the chance to damage your lawn.

Add Paving

Outdoor Seating

You might not be able to enjoy your grass in the autumn, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your garden. Add a weatherproof patio using ready mixed concrete from MixIt to make life easier, so that you’ve always got somewhere to sit, whatever the weather. These UK concrete suppliers can quickly help you to upgrade your outdoor space so that it’s ready for autumn.

Consider a Covered Area

Unfortunately, autumn and winter (even summer if we’re honest) can be frightfully wet. Add a canopy to your patio or decking so that you can eat outdoors on those warmer autumn days.

Think About Warmth and Comfort

Of course, rain isn’t the only issue in autumn. It can also get cold fairly quickly. Consider outdoor heating, or at least taking blankets and cushions out to increase comfort.

Raise it Up

If you’d like to be able to continue growing over the autumn, you might want to add a raised area for your greenhouse, or planters, so avoid damp and mud.

Cut the Lawn

Your lawn might have been growing like mad, needing cutting every week or more, over summer. While things are soon to slow, you should make sure you give it one last good cut before the frosts set in.

 Plant Spring Bulbs

If you want your garden to be pretty in spring, plant spring bulbs in September/October for flowering in early springtime.

Protect Your Perennials

Perennial flowers and foliage will come back next year, or even stay all year round. But that doesn’t mean it’s not at risk when it is very cold. Move them into the greenhouse, or to sheltered areas to protect them from frost.

Taking a few steps to tidy up now doesn’t just prepare your garden for next spring; it means that you can enjoy it for a little longer this year.

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