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Letterbox Gifts

Gifted | Contains affiliate links Letterbox Gifts , as the name suggests, are gifts that can be delivered straight through the door. F...

Gifted | Contains affiliate links

Letterbox Gifts, as the name suggests, are gifts that can be delivered straight through the door. From chocolates to flower blooms and from fresh pasta to tea subscriptions, you can send pretty much everything as letterbox gifts. In today's post, I bring to you six fantastic letterbox gifts.

Halo Compostable Coffee Pods

I am sure most of you must have heard of Halo. They are the creators of the world's first 100% compostable coffee capsule.

Their 100% compostable paper capsules are Nespresso compatible and made from sugar cane and paper pulp. When they break down (in as little as 28 days in a home compost), they allow the nutrient rich coffee grounds to become fertile soil for the plants. So you can now enjoy your coffee without the worry of environmental damage caused by aluminium and plastic coffee pods.

Halo have an impressive range of coffee blends:
- Pacamara (Plum, Passion Fruit, Nutmeg & Grapefruit)
- Lungo (Nuts, Chocolate and a Hint of Spice)
- Honduras (Walnuts, Milk and Milk Chocolate)
- Daterra Moonlight (Caramel, Pecan, Dried Cherries, Spicy Chocolate)
- Ristretto (Chocolate, Caramel, Stone Fruits, Dried Currants)
and many other flavours.

And the best part is Halo's boxes are designed to fit through a standard letterbox making them great letterbox gifts for coffee lovers.

Halo Compostable Coffee Pods

Halo Compostable Coffee Pods

Halo Compostable Coffee Pods

Learn more about Halo and place your order at

Send a Negroni

SendANegroni is a personalised delivery service that allows users to ‘send a  Negroni’ to anyone, anywhere in the UK. The pre-batched cocktails are sent in individual serving sizes and the sender has the option of including a personalised message. Priced at £10, the letterbox gift includes:

  • 1 x ready to drink sealed negroni
  • 1 x postcard with personalised message

Delivery is free anywhere in the UK, and the service is a fun way of sharing a bittersweet cocktail with those you love.

Send a Negroni

Send a Negroni

Click here to Send A Negroni.

Stirrd | Gourmet Letterbox Fudge

Another fantastic letterbox gift for the foodies is Stirrd's Gourmet Letterbox Fudge.

Based in Harrogate, Stirrd's fudge is always hand made and in small batches in old copper pans! There are a number of flavours like Passion Fruit Martini Mallow, Venezuelan Dark Chocolate Honeycomb, Cherry & Chocolate Brownie Fudge, Salted Maple Fudge etc.

Stirrd - Gourmet Letterbox Fudge

You can order the fudge as a one-off gift (£12.99) or choose from the 3-months (£35.99) or 6-months (£68.99) subscription package.

For more, visit

Creative Nature | Mixed Gnawbles Taster Pack

If you are looking for a lower sugar letterbox treat, then the taster pack of Gnawbles is a good pick! With 4 delicious flavours for the receiver to try, you can’t go wrong here.

Perfect for snacking, the four flavours are:
- Brilliant Orange Cacao Crispy Protein Gnawbles
- Super Salted Caramel Crispy Protein Gnawbles
- Creamy Mylk Chocolate Light & Crunchy Gnawbles
- Cheeky Choc HazelNOT Light & Crunchy Gnawbles

Creative Nature - Mixed Gnawbles Taster Pack

Creative Nature - Mixed Gnawbles Taster Pack

All the four variants are gluten/dairy/wheat/nut free and are suitable for vegans.

Purchase the Gnawbles taster pack here.

Purition | Discovery Box

Purition create 100% whole food shakes made of nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables and are healthier alternatives to meal replacement products. All their products are gluten-free, low in sugar, high in protein & fibre and are available in vegan or ordinary (non-vegan) version. If you want to send a letterbox gift to someone who is into a healthy eating routine, then Purition's Discovery Box is a good choice.

Purition - Discovery Box

Purition - Discovery Box

The Discovery Box allows you to choose any 6 flavours (six 40g packs for £12.96) and is an excellent way of trying out the different flavours (14 flavours available currently) on offer from Purition.

Order the Purition Discovery Box here.

Blossoming Gifts | Letterbox Pomegranate Punch

Blossoming Gifts are a flower and gifting website who sell a wide range of great value flowers and gifts for all occasions. Featured in this roundup is one of their letterbox flower bouquets.

Called 'Letterbox Pomegranate Punch', the bouquet is a beautiful combination of lilac roses, white snapdragons, purple lisianthus and antique carnations. Sugar Flair Hypericum Berries add to the beauty.

Blossoming Gifts - Letterbox Pomegranate Punch
Blossoming Gifts - Letterbox Pomegranate Punch
Blossoming Gifts - Letterbox Pomegranate Punch

The packaging was good and the flowers were fresh when delivered. A flower food sachet was included within the box. And the best part is that the gift can be delivered conveniently through the letterbox!

Priced at £29.99, the letterbox flowers can be purchased from Blossoming Gifts.

Bonus: Use the discount code DB20, to get 20% off all bouquets on Blossoming Gifts.


  1. Margaret Clarkson
    I would choose Stirrd's Gourmet Letterbox Fudge because it sounds so delicious.

  2. ashleigh allan29 July 2020 at 09:11

    They all sound fab - tried Puriton recently and it was lovely!

  3. The letterbox fudge looks excellent - would love to try it

  4. They all look great but think I would opt for the Creative Nature Mixed Gnawbles Taster Pack!

  5. I'd choose the Negroni as my daughter's partner is soon and he loves a Negroni.

  6. Gourmet fudge and coffee - my dream combination of love

  7. I'd choose the letterbox fudge as it's something I'd be over the moon with receiving if someone sent to me! Xx

  8. April Phillips29 July 2020 at 18:55

    The Stirrd gourmet letterbox fudge would be my choice.

  9. Gourmet Letterbox Fudge, I adore fudge! So I tend to choose gifts that I like hoping that others feel the same!

  10. Mixed Gnawbles Taster Pack looks delicious and I would love to taste them

  11. I would like to try the Stird Gourmet Letterbox Fudge. Love dark chocolate.

  12. The Stirrd | Gourmet Letterbox Fudge looks just the thing for a home full of sweet-toothed people!

  13. Creative Nature | Mixed Gnawbles Taster Pack because they look tasty.

  14. I'd choose the Purition discovery box as I prefer to send something healthy rather than alcohol or sweets.

  15. Although I love flowers I love Fudge more so I would have to choose that one.

  16. Flower subscription box, nothing better than coming home to fresh flowers, smells great and looks amazing!