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Face masks and face coverings | And where to buy them in the UK

Ad | Contains affiliate links From 24th July 2020 onwards face masks/face coverings have become mandatory in shops, supermarkets, shopp...

Face masks and face coverings
Ad | Contains affiliate links

From 24th July 2020 onwards face masks/face coverings have become mandatory in shops, supermarkets, shopping centres and enclosed transport hubs in the England. As lockdown is eased and eventually lifted completely, this new measure of wearing face coverings aims to reduce the likelihood of a person with an infection passing it on to others. This is particularly more important when the person has an asymptomatic infection.

Both Mr.H and myself have been doing our part and have not been stepping out without a face mask since the pandemic began. We believe it is our responsibility to keep ourselves and others around us safe and wearing a face covering is one small step in that direction. Maintaining social distancing and washing hands regularly also help reduce the likelihood of passing on the infection to others or catching the infection from others.

You can read more about where face masks are mandatory and where they are not, the fine for not wearing a mask, who is exempted from wearing face coverings and all other details on this new measure on the website.

With wearing a face mask now becoming mandatory, so many online shops have sprung up selling all kinds of face masks and coverings. From simple & practical masks to printed masks in luxury silk and from masks made with antibacterial Silver Ion fabric to ethically produced face masks, there is so much choice on offer. Some creative folks I know have made their own face masks as well!

In this post, I have listed out a few different varieties of face coverings and places where you can shop for them in the UK. Take a look.

Please note, the masks and coverings listed below are neither medical grade products nor replacements for personal protective equipment.

faceDFNDR Handmade Face Masks

Based in Somerset, faceDFNDR make practical and stylish facemasks to order. Their team includes a group of local seamstresses who hand make the masks with great attention to detail be it the choice of fabrics, the sizing, the fit or the filtration mechanism. Also, 5% of all of faceDFNDR's profits go to the Weston Area NHS Trust, which is a great gesture.

faceDFNDR Handmade Face Masks

faceDFNDR's masks are available in a wide variety of colours, patterns and fabrics with some great designs for kids. All their masks are available in  sizes ranging from XS to XL.

I tried one of their beautiful Tartan masks (Antique Buchanan Tartan Silk Mask) and loved it. The mask has a silk outer and a cotton inner and comes with adjustable ear loops, a secure nose clamp and built-in HEPA micro filter. Not only is the mask beautiful in terms of design but also scores well in terms of comfort and fit. Fantastic quality!

The mask is to be washed at 40C and as per faceDFNDR can be washed up to 150 times without causing damage.

Priced at £20, the Antique Buchanan Tartan Silk Mask can be ordered from

NEQI Reusable Face Masks

NEQI's (Natives of the Earth standing for Quality and Innovation) product range includes cleansing & nourishing products as well their fashion face masks which were recently (in October 2020) tested and endorsed as a 'Best Buy' by Which?

Available in a range of sizes (kids, small/medium and large) and in a range of colours, the masks are made with a mix of cotton, polyester and elastane (spandex) making them comfortable to wear. The masks have a slightly stretchy nature, and cover the mouth and nose while still allowing one to breathe comfortably. 

NEQI Reusable Face Masks

Re-useable and washable, the face masks are made of 3 layers. The material is super soft making the mask very comfortable to wear, even for extended periods. The ear loop is non adjustable but because the mask comes in two adult sizes - small/medium and large - if you pick the correct sizing, the fit is great; no gaps anywhere. 

Both Mr.H and myself have found the fit to be comfortable (he used the 'large' size while mine was the 'small/medium'), secure and easy to breathe in. Plus the masks look and feel good!

The NEQI face masks come in a pack of 3 and are priced at £15/pack.

Available to buy from Amazon.

NEQI Active Adjustable Face Mask

NEQI seems to listen to what its users are saying! Their original, reusable face masks (featured above) while comfortable to wear and easy to breathe in, did not come with adjustable ear loops. NEQI have now released a newer version called the Active Mask. Made from super soft & light-weight material that is also sweat-wicking, the new mask features a soft, adjustable ear and nosepiece for the perfect fit. The adjustable loop not only adds to the comfort level but also ensures that the mask stays fixed in position whatever the activity you are indulging in.  

NEQI Active Adjustable Face Mask

Super soft, comfortable to wear just like the other mask from NEQI, the Active Adjustable Mask comes in two sizes S/M and L, and can be ordered from

UYN Community Face Mask

UYN (Unleash Your Nature) recently launched an ergonomic and washable Community Mask that features a three-dimensional knitting technology that makes it breathable. The mask has a highly elastic ergonomic nose shape and fits perfectly around the mouth and nose, ensuring good sealing at the edges. It is also densely knitted at the mouth and nose areas to offer better protection.

UYN Community Face Mask

The mask uses Texlyte Nano technology making it moisture-repellent. It can be washed at 60°C, is quick drying, reusable, long-lasting and can even be used for sporting activities.

UYN Community Face Mask is available in sizes XS to L and in five colours (Black, Lilac, Aqua, Blue and White). Priced at £14.99, you can buy the UYN mask from Ellis Brigham.

Prezzybox Pet Print Face Mask

Prezzybox is an online gift shop where you will find everything from personalised gifts to adult gifts and from gifts for him & her to fun, novelty gifts. They recently launched a range of beautifully designed face masks both for kids and adults. There is a selection of prints to choose from - nature, pets, animals, camouflage, abstract etc. They even offer personalised photo face covers and personalised initials face mask.

Featured in this roundup is one of their pet prints face mask (Cute Doggo). The mask comes with a handy filter pocket and two filters (provided). It has adjustable (over ear) straps and is quite comfortable to wear.

Prezzybox Pet Print Face Mask

The mask is hand and machine washable and can be reused with new filters.

Priced at £15.99, the pet print face mask can be purchased online from Prezzybox.

My Mask UK

If you are looking for something organic, take a look at My Mask UK's offerings. They are a small start-up who sell organic cotton face masks in a range of gorgeous prints.

Each of their mask is made with 100% organic cotton and double layered to ensure breathability while offering a good level of protection. The masks are available in two styles – pleated or plain and can be machine-washed making them a sustainable way to stay safe and protected.

My Mask UK

The masks are priced at £5 each and are available to buy through @Mymask_UK

Tickle Tots Face Mask

If you are looking for a brand with strong ethical standards, then it is worth considering Tickle Tots. Their aim is to reduce plastic pollution and fight climate change with their eco-friendly and sustainable products.

Tickle Tots have recently launched a range of reusable face masks made from 100% cotton and with a built in filter pocket (you can add your own filter or disposable layer). The unique feature of the masks is that the elastic goes over the head to avoid ear irritation. So, if you are not a fan of over ear loops in masks you can try this style of mask. The kids' masks have an ingenious elastic toggle system to give the most comfortable fit possible for children.

Tickle Tots Face Mask

The masks are available in a wide range of prints and come in both adult and children’s sizes. Prices range from £9.99 to £12.99 depending on the size.

You can check out the entire range and purchase the masks from Tickle Tots.

Damart Pack of 2 Face Masks

Damart offers a pack of 2 comfortable and effective face masks, designed with double layer and elastic straps to hook behind the ears and adjust to fit. Made in a 3d format, covering the bottom of the chin to the middle of the bridge of the nose for full protection. Snug fit. For non-medical use. 

Damart Face Mask

Key features of the mask: 
  • Designed with double layer, covering the bottom of the chin to the bridge of the nose for full protection. 
  • Elastic straps to hook behind ears and adjust function to fit comfortably 
  • Reusable for 30 wash cycles

SockShop Unisex Neck Gaiter

Not a fan of face masks that have loops going round the ears or even over the head? Then you can look at SockShop's Neck Gaiter as an alternative.

SockShop Unisex Neck Gaiter

The neck gaiter designed from polypropylene is thermally effective, breathable and moisture wicking and offers convenient protection when and where you need it the most. The neck gaiter is multi-use and in addition to being used as a face mask, it can be worn in many other ways - a hat, a bandana, a scarf, a balaclava hood and more. You can wear it round your neck and simply pull it up over the nose as needed.

A very versatile piece of accessory and priced reasonably at £9.99.

Buy the SockShop Unisex Neck Gaiter here.

HoMedics 3 Ply Soft Face Mask

If you are looking for disposable face masks, check out the 3ply face mask (certified to EN14683) from HoMedics. With 3 layers of protection, ear-loop design and an adjustable nose clip for proper fit, the masks help protect against germs, dust and air pollution according to HoMedics.

HoMedics 3 Ply Soft Face Mask

These are disposable (single use masks) and are available in boxes of 50.

The HoMedics face mask can be purchased online here.

Curb Face Masks

Curb Masks are made with a unique 'Dual-Fit' design meaning it suits most face types and every mask comes with a free Curb Caddy to transport your mask in a clean and hygienic fashion.

Key features of the Curb Mask are:

  • Breathable fabric allowing maximum airflow and comfort.
  • Cotton lining that provides the ultimate softness against your skin.
  • 3 Layer Technology for recommended protection.
  • Spacer layer so that you can breathe with ease.
  • Dual-Fit which ensures its a good fit for all face shapes.
  • Stretchable thus offers supreme comfort.
  • Reusable making it ideal for a greener planet.
  • Anti-bacterial and hygienic for peace of mind.


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