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Going travelling? Don't forget the travel insurance

*Sponsored post When I was growing up, air travel was considered a luxury treat. It was not often that we took holidays that involved a...

*Sponsored post

Picking the right travel cover
When I was growing up, air travel was considered a luxury treat. It was not often that we took holidays that involved air travel and when we did, the travel itself was a glamorous experience. The past few decades have seen air travel becoming much more common. With the advent of low-cost long haul flights and opportunities to find some excellent deals online, travelling abroad has become more affordable. In many cases a break abroad works out cheaper than a holiday within the country. No wonder we see so many people travelling abroad for the first time, and seasoned travellers travelling more regularly.

Whether you are a newbie traveller or a regular, the best way to plan a safe and enjoyable trip is to plan it well in advance. The first thing is to set a budget. Once you have decided how much you can and are willing to spend, then it’s time to start looking at everything else.

The destination: This is relatively easy. Obviously it depends on your interest and you can pick popular tourist destinations or follow your gut instinct and pick a lesser known destination. Read online reviews, do some research and if you think you would be happy holidaying there, go for it.

Flights and accommodation: Without a doubt the main part of your travel budget would go towards your flight tickets and hotel/B&B. The way to finding low cost flights is to begin your search much ahead of time. Keep an eye out for air flight sales or use credit card points or travel rewards card to redeem your points with the airlines. For the accommodation, ensure that it has all the facilities you are looking for. Whether it is an all-inclusive or a luxury villa or a B&B, it pays to research and book in advance.

Travel cover: I find it extremely insane that some people travel abroad without the relevant travel insurance. I have personally come across people who believe that a short break doesn't necessitate buying a travel insurance. But that is simply not right. You need to have the proper travel cover when you are booking any holiday abroad. Travel insurance is strongly recommended. It is not just for cases of missed flights or lost property or a medical emergency. It even covers some cases of natural disasters and even terrorism. In 2018, Mexico which was named as one of the top 10 holiday destinations was struck by two devastating earthquakes just weeks apart, causing a lot of damage to infrastructure as well as the loss of many lives. And it is not just Mexico; there have been cases of severe storms, torrential rains, flash flooding and wildfires in different parts of the world.

It is not only natural disasters that are affecting the tourism industry; some travel locations are perceived to have a high terrorism risk as well. The 2015 Sousse attacks, when a mass shooting happened at the tourist resort at Port El Kantaoui in Tunisia, is one example.

Yet, British holidaymakers seem to be booking more holidays abroad. According to ABTA’s Holiday Trends Report 2018, the percentage of people taking a foreign holiday that year increased to 60%, the highest level since 2011. The report also found that destinations like Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia were still significantly up on bookings in the summer of 2018, despite the terrorist attacks in those countries.

Keeping abreast with the travel trends, travel insurance providers are adapting their products to ensure that they offer a wide choice of covers to enable travellers to protect themselves against all kinds of crisis’ and disasters. As an example, Insure4Retirement, a specialist Over 50s Home and Travel insurance provider, in partnership with Just Travel Cover, offers a Crisis Response Service with their Ready2Go Gold travel policy. One of the key benefits of this cover is a dedicated phone number which gives travellers access to immediate assistance and an unrivalled set of skills if disaster strikes while they are abroad.

With such a cover in place, you can travel and enjoy your holiday with peace of mind and with the assurance that assistance is on hand should any unexpected emergency arise.

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