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How to make a baby gift hamper?

Gifted If you are wondering how to put together a gift hamper for a baby and a new mum, you have come to the right place. Making a beauti...

How to make a baby gift hamperGifted

If you are wondering how to put together a gift hamper for a baby and a new mum, you have come to the right place. Making a beautiful and  unique baby gift basket is actually quite simple. Just follow the steps listed below.

Choose your basket

There are many different types of baskets available in the market - from traditional wicker ones (like the one I have used in this article) to woven ones, from paper rope baskets to wooden crates. If you prefer to use something unusual then you could pack all the items in a baby bathing tub or a baby hug (depending on your budget). Whichever basket you choose, just ensure that it doesn't have any sharp edges and then fill it to your hearts content with useful items! You can then decorate it with colourful ribbon or bows and add a personal card message.

Fill the Basket

Once you have chosen the basket, it is time to gather the goodies that go into it and start filling the basket. First line the basket with some kind of a filler or use a baby blanket! And then start arranging the items.

For the baby

Baby essentials: Pick up some baby essentials for the gift hamper. Products that simplify the first moments of parenthood always make a practical and welcome addition. Add items like 100% pure cotton new-born sets (hats, bodysuits etc.), baby booties, baby towel or blanket, bath mitt, cotton muslin (for mopping up little spills or to use as a burp cloth), bibs etc. Baby hand & face wipes, baby oil and baby wash are also good products to include. All these are practical items that will definitely be needed/used and will be much appreciated.

How to make a baby gift hamper

Toys: A couple of plush toys will make a nice addition to any baby gift hamper. You can pick anything that you like. I went with this attachable little nutbrown rabbit toy. Made from premium soft plush and with a rattle in its tummy, this beautiful Nutbrown Hare attachable toy can be personalised with any initial. There is a sturdy plastic clip that can be attached to baby's cot or to the baby's pram. It is a beautifully designed toy that aims to engage and delight babies. The rattle's sound helps to stimulate and develop the baby's auditory skills while the toy as a whole helps the baby to focus at the object making it great for hand eye coordination and early development. A lovely toy! And it is priced at just £19.99 (including the personalisation) and can be ordered online from Giftpup.

How to make a baby gift hamper

Sudocrem Care and Protect Cream: Ok. This is not a fancy or cute item but it is necessary. The cream is perfect for the baby's delicate skin. It is a barrier ointment with an unique formula designed to offer triple action protection for skin prone to nappy rash. It helps in keeping the baby’s skin soft, smooth and supple. Available in a 30ml tube and priced at £2.99, the Sudocrem cream is free from artificial colours and preservatives and is hypoallergenic. When the new mum puts the items of the hamper to use, the inclusion of this cream will be much appreciated.

How to make a baby gift hamper

For the new mother

Getting the sleep one needs during those first few months after the baby's arrival is so very vital for new parents especially new mums. 'Sleep when the baby sleeps', 'Lie down, even if you can't sleep', these are common phrases new mums would have heard from many. But it is not as easy as it sounds. So, if there is anything that can be done to increase the odds of getting some sound sleep, it is always welcome.

Wax Lyrical Silentnight Range: Wax Lyrical's Silentnight range contains specially chosen essential oils, proven to enhance relaxation and which make you feel completely restful as the beautiful blend of Lavender and Chamomile fragrance drifts through the room. The range is available as a candle, reed diffuser and a room spray and is as awesome in terms of fragrance as it is in terms of presentation. The selection of essential oils in the products has been made based on their properties which aid in a good night's sleep. It is a very relaxing fragrance that makes the room soothing on an olfactory level. So very important for a good, restful sleep.

The candle is priced at £12.00 while the reed diffuser is priced at £22.00 and both make a good gift for a new mum and hence their inclusion in this gift hamper. You can buy the products online at

How to make a baby gift hamper

How to make a baby gift hamper

Wrap it up!

Once you have added all the items, it is time to apply the finishing touches.

How to make a baby gift hamper

You can wrap the basket in clear or printed plastic or cellophane sheet. And then apply a ribbon or bows to make it more beautiful. Add stickers or other decorative items if you like. And it is done! A beautiful and unique baby gift box, hand-wrapped with care, with presents for baby and the mother. It is a fun gift to make as it is lovely to receive!

If you are short on time and want a readymade hamper, check this beautiful baby boy hamper from Prestige Hampers.

How to make a baby gift hamper

Thank you to all the brands who worked with me in creating this article. As always, all opinions are solely my own.

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