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Braun Silk-expert IPL - 4 Month Update

PR sample | Contains affiliate links Today's post is about the Braun Silk-expert IPL which I have been using for 4 months now. A...

Braun Silk-expert IPL
PR sample | Contains affiliate links

Today's post is about the Braun Silk-expert IPL which I have been using for 4 months now. And I love it. Braun is one of the most well-known and trusted brands when it comes to hair removal. I am sure most of you must have heard of or used Braun's epilators.

The Braun Silk-expert is an IPL system which results in permanent visible hair removal. It works by targeting the melanin in the hair follicle, thereby helping to break the cycle of hair re-growth. When used regularly it helps prevent unwanted hair from reaching the skin's surface leaving you with smooth hair-free skin.

I first tried the Braun Silk-expert IPL in May 2016 and loved how easy and convenient it was to use. You can read my initial impressions here. After having used it for a few weeks I knew this was a device which I would continue using and I was right. It is 4 months now and I have been regularly using it - once a week - occasionally missing it when I was not keeping good health.

The two main areas that I targeted were my legs and the underarms. After about 8-10 weeks of use, I could see the difference. The hair on my legs was drastically reduced. Regular use had resulted in the hair becoming weaker and it took more time to grow back than it used to do earlier.  The hair on the legs is also much finer then before and on some parts of the leg, the hair doesn't grow back at all. I have enjoyed wearing skirts and dresses for most part of Summer because I did not have to worry about shaving every other day.

For my underarms, I have been using only the 'gentle mode' as my underarms are extremely sensitive. I do see an improvement in this region as well but I think I will have to stick to using it for some more time to completely get rid of the hair. The reason could be because the hair is thick and I have only used the 'gentle mode' for the underarms. But after each use less and less hair grows back! So, it is working.

Braun Silk-expert IPL

Overall, like I had mentioned in my first post, the Braun Silk-expert IPL is a sleek, compact and very easy to use device. I like that it saves time and I can use it in the comfort of my own home. It takes only 10 minutes to do both my legs and it has become a part of my beauty routine. Actually, it is something that I look forward to using because it gives amazing results. I think Braun, as always, have done a wonderful job with this product. Love it.

If you are looking at permanent visible hair removal, then give Braun Silk-expert IPL a go. It is worth the price and I cannot recommend it enough.

Available to buy online here.

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