Yokebe Meal Replacement Shake with High Levels of Protein

Have you heard of Yokebe? They are a brand who we had never heard of before until a month back. Yokebe make a range of meal replacement shakes - all 100% natural with high levels of protein and added vitamins and minerals. Mr.H has been trying it out and here is how he got on with the shake. Read on!

Yokebe Meal Replacement Shake with High Levels of Protein

Mr.H tried Yokebe Active Food (Natural Honey) which is a combination of high-quality proteins, honey and many essential vitamins, minerals and macronutrients. Yokebe does not contain:
  • artificial flavours or preservatives
  • artificial sweeteners or refined sugar
  • Gluten or GMO

Yokebe is sweetened with natural, untreated honey which is a healthier alternative to artificial sweeteners and offers a natural taste.

How to Use It?

The instructions for making Yokebe shake are very simple.
1. Pour 200ml of milk into the shaker.
2. Add 5 scoops of Yokebe.
3. Add 1/2 tsp of vegetable oil - Mr.H skipped this step though.
4. Shake well and drink!

Yokebe is very easy to mix. Mr.H says it is one of the easiest meal replacement shakes to mix - quick and no lumps at all. The shaker is convenient - you can make and store your shake, even carry it to work without the worry of spillages.

Yokebe Meal Replacement Shake with High Levels of Protein

Taste wise it is pleasant - naturally flavoured with honey and keeps one feeling fuller for longer as it is high in protein.

Yokebe has a 2 week diet plan and an extended diet plan depending on your personal fitness goals. Mr.H did not choose either of the plans, instead he incorporated the shake into his daily fitness routine. Replacing one daily meal with this shake has helped maintain his weight. He was consuming the shake post his daily workout and it seemed to help his muscles, also keeps him satiated and in turn he did not reach out to any unhealthy snacks.

Yokebe Meal Replacement Shake with High Levels of Protein

The only minor gripe Mr.H had was that the shake gets a little too foamy especially when its just the powder and milk that you are blending. If you use oil or add other ingredients to the shake, then the foam is much less.

A couple of times I added a tsp. of cocoa powder to the shake to make an indulgent treat. You can also add fruit puree and replace the milk with buttermilk to make a delicious fruity shake.

Yokebe is also available in two other flavours - Yokebe Chocolate and Yokebe Strawberry.

Overall, Mr.H liked Yokebe - it is easy to mix, has a nice taste, is satiating and has a good protein content (32.1g per 50g serving in 200ml skimmed milk). It also has a number of essentials vitamins and minerals. It can be incorporated into your fitness routine or you can choose from one of Yokebe's diet plans if weight loss is your goal.

Yokebe Classic Powder (Natural Honey) & 500ml Shaker is available as a bundle, priced at £14.99 from Boots, Superdrug, ASDA and Amazon. If you want to learn more about Yokebe's products or their diet plans, then you can do so on their website - http://www.yokebe.co.uk/

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