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December Degustabox Review + £6.00 Discount Code

Gifted | Affiliate Due to the very busy festive season last month, the December Degustabox was not sent out in the last week of the mo...

December 2015 Degustabox Review
Gifted | Affiliate

Due to the very busy festive season last month, the December Degustabox was not sent out in the last week of the month as the case normally is. Instead the December box arrived a couple of days back; which means there will be 2 boxes this month! For those of you who are new to Degustabox, it is a surprise food box. You are sent a parcel each month with lots of new brands and treats to try out. I always have loved the wonderful selection of treats that are included in the box. And the December box called as the 'Healthy New Year' box was no exception. Here's what was in my December box:

Let me begin with the drinks.

Crabbie's Alcoholic Light Ginger Beer (£1.49)

I was very pleased to see the Crabbie’s bottle. I love ginger beer. This one from Crabbie’s was refreshing but with a lighter taste as it has half the amount of ginger.

Red Square Toffee Vodka Mini (£1.99)

Made with 100% pure and 7 times distilled Vodka, the Red Square Toffee Vodka is perfect to drink straight, with a mixer or in a cocktail. Degustabox had included a cocktail recipe that made use of the toffee vodka and the ginger beer to create a cocktail named Crabbie’s Toffee Mule. We had the ginger beer and the vodka on their own though.

Nuva Spring Water (2 x £1.49)

Nuva was the DB's Discoveries product in the December box. Delicate spring water with a hint of natural extracts/flavours and no added sugar, sweeteners or preservatives, the spring water was an excellent thirst quencher. We received two flavours: Ginger & Lemon and Cucumber & Mint - both very light (just how I prefer my flavoured water) and refreshing but the former was my favourite.

December 2015 Degustabox Review

KoKo Dairy Free Original (£1.79)

If you are looking for an alternative to cow’s milk then you could try this dairy free alternative from KoKo which is made with freshly pressed coconut milk. The product contains plant based fat that is healthier than animal fat and contains 0% cholesterol. It contains just 27 calories per 100ml and has a very light, fresh taste. It tasted better than Soy milk!

Drink me Chai Latte Skinny Blend (Freebie)

I love spiced tea but this was too mild for my liking. I normally use my own ground spices in my daily tea and prefer a stronger flavour.

December 2015 Degustabox Review

Let us now move onto the food items in the box.

Hip Pops (2 x £1.00)

These yummy snacks have typically 50% less fat than standard potato crisps meaning they are definitely the healthier option of the two. We received two flavours: Salt & Vinegar and Salt & Pepper and surprisingly I loved both though I am normally not a fan of Vinegar flavoured crisps.

Nothing But (2x £1.69)

There were two packs of Nothing But fruit/vegetable snacks. You can read my review of these snacks here.

December 2015 Degustabox Review

Compete Energy Bites (£1.99)

We had tried the Mocha flavoured one in an earlier Degustabox, so we knew what these were. Each energy bite has caffeine equivalent to a large cup of coffee. But the lemon flavoured one was not to our liking - it has a very unpalatable after taste.

Betavivo Crispy Oat Heart Cereal (2x £1.00)

This one won me over at first glance. How cute are those heart shaped oat cereals! And they are proven to lower your cholesterol and blood glucose. According to the makers, one daily serving of Betavivo provides the required 3g of beta-glucan from oats needed to reduce blood cholesterol. Definitely a healthy addition to breakfast that I would be repurchasing.

Fabulous Bakers (£1.80)

Our favourite item from the December Degustabox were these fruity bars from Fabulous Bakers. Packed with the goodness of real, organic, Mango, Pineapple and Papaya and a little bit of coconut, honey and jumbo oats, these bars were marvellous - delicious and filling. I loved the pieces of real fruit in the bars.

We had not tried or heard of this brand earlier, but definitely will be trying out more of their offerings. I checked their website and they even make muffins and cupcakes. Yay!

December 2015 Degustabox Review


And finally the Product of the Month - Barilla. There were two products from Barilla - Whole-Wheat Fusilli (£1.50) and Mediterranean Vegetables Sauce (£2.00). We have tried Barilla products earlier and love their quality. Fusilli pairs well with tomato sauces and adding a few veggies makes it a very easy meal. I will be using both these products together to conjure up a quick meal one of these days. An addition of walnuts and fresh basil leaves is sure to add to the flavour. What do you think?

December 2015 Degustabox Review

So that was my December Degustabox. I liked the selection of products included in the box - some healthy treats, some known brands and some totally new products. If you want to try out Degustabox, you can use the code BLDEG15 to get £6.00 off your first box.


  1. Such a great selection of foods! I love the idea of the healthy eating theme for the new year! Also, love nothing but snacks and koko milk :)

    Pop over to my blog!


  2. Great for my 2016 resolution to keep me on track