Gifts for Plant Lovers | Christmas Plant Gifts

In the run up to Christmas I have published a few gift guides on the blog - gifts for him, beauty gifts for her, budget beauty gifts etc. Today I have a very different gift guide. We will take a look at some excellent gift ideas for plant lovers. We all have that one friend who is green-fingered, loves nature and plants. And listed below are some of my favourite picks for the plant lover from Best4Garden .

Gifts for Plant Lovers - Christmas Plant Gifts

Quirky cactus gift (Euphorbia Lactea) 

This is a very unique and quirky houseplant. As you can see it is a cactus-like plant with small spines and has a beautiful, wavy crested stem on the top. The plant actually is a combination of two African succulents - Euphorbia genus and Euphorbiaceae family that have been merged to create a unique, single plant. The fan like crest is its USP and makes this plant stand out from the others. This will make a nice gift for plant lovers and even for others as it is easy to grow and take care of and does not need lot of watering or re-potting. The plant is available with or without the colourful ceramic pot. With the pot, it is priced at £12.60 making it an affordable and unique gift choice. It will make for an interesting display on a windowsill or as a centrepiece on a table.

Gifts for Plant Lovers - Christmas Plant Gifts

Gifts for Plant Lovers - Christmas Plant Gifts

Spider Plant Gift Set 

When you bring plants into your home, you bring with them new life, vitality and energy. Not only do they make a decorative addition to homes and offices, they also breathe life into the interiors. This beautiful Spider plant trio set with flower patterned pots makes a beautiful centrepiece when used individually and creates a stunning impact when placed in a group. The green from the plants and the pink from the pots achieves a beautiful complimentary display. And these plants are known to be excellent at purifying the air. Just like the Euphorbia Lactea, the Spider plant is also very adaptable and easy to grow. The plant can grow in a range of conditions and is suited for newbie gardeners as well. This trio of plants (priced at £27.00) is sure to make a cheerful and very welcome gift.

Gifts for Plant Lovers - Christmas Plant Gifts

Gifts for Plant Lovers - Christmas Plant Gifts

Gifts for Plant Lovers - Christmas Plant Gifts

Both these plant gifts came excellently packaged and in great condition. I was a bit sceptical as to how a living plant would be packaged. But my fears were unfounded. The pots were covered with thin plastic film so that the soil did not spill out. The plants were placed individually in cardboard boxes and then all of them were packed in a bigger box which was then wrapped securely in plastic. Very secure packaging! You can place a gift order with Best4Garden and they will send your chosen plants as gifts, including gifts packs and greetings to any address in Europe. You can check with Best4Garden for the different gift wrap options they offer. They also have a 100% plant guarantee. Only healthy plants in perfect condition are dispatched and if there is any problem with the plant (damage in transit etc.) then as per their website, Best4Garden will replace or refund the item.

In addition to the two gifts listed above, Best4Garden have many other interesting plant gifts like the Magnetic Planters (perfect as stocking fillers), Santa Cactus, Interactive Moving Plant and the No-Water Magical Bulbs. Doesn't that sound interesting? I know you answered yes, so do check out their website. Best4Garden have a range of beautiful plants that would make a wonderful gift for a plant lover and also inspire a loved one to get started with gardening.

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