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A website that has made it very easy for me to find natural and organic beauty and cosmetic products is Eco Natural Products. The website specialises in organic, natural skincare products and stocks brands like Green Pharmacy, Apeiron, Natura Siberica, Avril, Danielle Laroche, Uoga Uoga and Argiletz to name a few. I have been trying out a couple of products from this website and thought I would share my views on the products and the website as a whole. I selected two products from the website: Apeiron Auromere Natural Herbal Mouth Rinse and Natura Siberica Professional Oblepikha Mask Dry/Normal Hair.

Apeiron Auromere Natural Herbal Mouth Rinse and Natura Siberica Professional Oblepikha Mask

Let me begin with the hair mask. It is from a brand called Natura Siberica which is quite new to me. I think I had seen something from this brand on a fellow blogger's page some months back but it did not interest me at that time. When I came across the brand again on Eco Naturals website, I read up a little about them. As the name suggests the brand makes use of herbs and plants from the Siberian region of Russia. Natura Siberica has a green approach - they handpick all the herbs that are used in their products, study them in the laboratory to ensure that maximum beneficial effect is achieved from each herb. Their products meet the European standards of organic cosmetics quality and the brand also holds the distinction of being the first Russian certified organic cosmetics brand.

I decided to trial their Oblepikha Mask for dry/normal hair. Regular readers of the blog know my love for hair masks, so picking this was a natural choice. The hair mask contains active organics, wild harvested Siberian herbs and is said to provide deep hydration to dry/normal hair making it softer and stronger. As with any hair mask, you need apply the mask to damp hair after shampooing. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes and then rinse it off thoroughly. It is easy to apply and spread and smells lovely - sweet and fruity.

Apeiron Auromere Natural Herbal Mouth Rinse and Natura Siberica Professional Oblepikha Mask

The key ingredients in the mask are: Siberian Oblepikha Organic Oil (commonly known as sea buckthorn), Moroccan Argan oil, white Siberian flaxseeds, Siberian Dwarf-pine, Wild Siberian hops and silk proteins. As you can see it has a lot of interesting ingredients that help to moisturise and strengthen hair. This mask will work well for those of you who regularly use heat styling. It works by repairing and softening hair. Hair feels tamed, smooth and soft after using this mask. It is a lovely mask and what makes it even better is that it does not contain SLS, SLES, mineral oils, Parabens, Glycols or PEGs. Priced at £9.45 for 300ml this one is a very good buy.

Apeiron Auromere Natural Herbal Mouth Rinse and Natura Siberica Professional Oblepikha Mask

The second product is from a German brand called Apeiron. Apeiron's product range combines high-quality ingredients, traditional Ayurvedic knowledge and modern, scientific discoveries to create a gentle and natural range. Their products do not use synthetic dyes and fragrances, mineral oils, parabens and PEG compounds.

The Apeiron Auromere Natural Herbal Mouth Rinse that I selected to trial is perfectly suited to the sensitive mouth. It is an alcohol-free formulation that calms an especially affected mucous membrane, strengthens the gums and combats irritations. The mouth rinse contains herbal extracts like liquorice, cloves, ratanhia, myrrh and oak all of which work as antiseptics. In terms of taste - it is very mildly herbal. Have you tried Chyawanprash? (It is an Ayurvedic health supplement consumed in India) Chyawanprash has a very typical spicy taste (a mix of cinnamon, triphala, cardamom, clove, Indian gooseberry, liquorice etc.) and a dark brown colour. The mouth rinse also has a brown colour and a taste that is somewhat similar to the Chyawanprash (much milder version though). This is because of some similar ingredients in both. I liked it. The mouth rinse is gentle, soothes irritated mucous membrane and is perfect for daily use. It even works well to soothe inflamed gums. A good product if you are looking for an alcohol-free, vegan mouth rinse. Priced at £16.08 for 250ml, it is pricier than normal mouth rinses, but is a good buy if you are battling mucous membrane irritations or teeth and gum sensitivity.

Both these products are available from Eco Natural Products. Their website is easy to use and they offer free delivery on purchases over £49.99. If you are looking for organic and natural products, then do check out Eco Natural Products.

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