Beautifully Designed, Luxury Hip Flask from SWIG

Deviating away from my usual posts on the blog, I have something really interesting for you today. It is a hip flask. A hip flask (traditionally made from either silver, pewter or glass) is a thin flask that holds drinks (mostly alcoholic beverages) and fits comfortably in your pocket. Nowadays hip flasks are made from stainless steel as well. Hip flasks come in a variety of shapes and there are numerous brands in the market offering different types of hip flasks. But the one I have featured on the blog today - SWIG flask - is a combination of luxury and style and comes with lifetime guarantee.

Beautifully Designed, Luxury Hip Flask from SWIG Review

I am always a sucker for good presentation and packaging and SWIG delivers big time on this aspect. The hip flask comes with beautiful packaging; ready to be gifted if you are purchasing it as a present for someone. The black box holds the mirrored and polished stainless steel hip flask resting on a beautiful, soft pillow. Included is a card with your personal SWIG Society number.

Because the flask is made from stainless steel, there is no risk of toxification unlike in hip flasks made from pewter and silver. Also unique to SWIG is the solid unibody shape. The hip flask does not have any seams so the chance of leakages is also very less. When I first held the hip flask in my hand, I was amazed by the seamless finish. It is simply perfect. Neither myself nor Mr.H could find any fault. But presentation and looks aside, Mr.H was more interested in actually testing its quality and reliability! So he filled up the hip flask with his favourite dark rum and gave it a good shake. Absolutely no trace of any leaking. The hip flask scores full marks for the build quality in addition to its good presentation.

Beautifully Designed, Luxury Hip Flask from SWIG Review

Beautifully Designed, Luxury Hip Flask from SWIG Review

Beautifully Designed, Luxury Hip Flask from SWIG Review

Beautifully Designed, Luxury Hip Flask from SWIG Review

The hip flask (as you can see in the pictures) comes with a genuine leather pouch. I opted for the executive brown pouch as it is one of Mr.H's favourite colours. SWIG are the only hip flask range which is designed for interchangeable flask pouches. You can purchase the pouches in different colours from the SWIG website. I liked this feature of interchangeability as this means you can change the pouch of your hip flask to suit the event or your mood. Because all the SWIG flasks are of the same size (height:123mm, width:90mm, depth:21mm, capacity:170ml), every pouch will fit every single SWIG flask. Excellent!

Apart from the pouches, SWIG also sell other accessories like screw-tops and funnels. You can also personalise your flask with a message using SWIG's engraving service. The engraving could be a memorable date, a short quote or the recipient's initials. Whatever it may be, the engraving will make the hip flask an excellent commemorative gift.

Overall, we are very impressed with SWIG.

Beautifully Designed, Luxury Hip Flask from SWIG Review

So if that has got you interested and you are keen to find out more – then visit the SWIG website. The SWIG Executive Moulded Brown Flask currently sells for £69.99.

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