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An Interview With 'Your Dreamcatcher' Founder, Julia White + New Additions To Their Clothing Range

Towards the end of last year, I had blogged about 'Your Dreamcatcher' jogging bottoms. The jogger bottoms had a very comfortable f...

Towards the end of last year, I had blogged about 'Your Dreamcatcher' jogging bottoms. The jogger bottoms had a very comfortable feel and fit and I had loved wearing them. Julia White from 'Your Dreamcatcher' got in touch recently and mentioned the addition of two new products to their range and needless to say I was quite excited to try one of them. The two latest additions are: a loose fitting razor back vest top and a loose fitting t-shirt, both in a gorgeous pale pink shade. I opted to trial the latter. Before we move on to the t-shirt though, here is Julia White the founder of 'Your Dreamcatcher' talking to us about the brand and her journey so far.

An interview with Julia White from Your Dreamcatcher

DB: Tell us about 'Your Dreamcatcher'. How did the name 'Your Dreamcatcher' come about?
JW: I had wanted to set up a brand of loungewear that was going to stand out. Obviously having good quality garments was very important to me and I wanted to be able to sell them at reasonable prices but I also wanted to develop a logo that would stand out. I thought through many ideas around relaxing and sleeping then I thought of the dream catcher. It was the perfect way to encompass the dreaming/relaxing side of the clothing but also the idea of following your dreams. I added the ‘Your’ to make it more personal.

DB: How and when did you come up with this business idea?
JW: I started thinking about this idea early 2014. I had reached a point in my life where I wanted to try combining my skills from the work place and my hobbies/interests and try to and start my own business. I have always loved clothes and used to make my own clothes some time ago. I have been working in internet retailing for many years now so it seemed the perfect time to design, manufacture and sell my own clothing brand online. Loungewear has seen a massive increase in popularity over recent years and I certainly developed a habit of getting in from work and putting on my comfy joggers and t-shirt. I am a great lover of some of the lead brands but not such a fan of their prices so thought this was the perfect market for me.

DB: Are you planning a foray into anything new in addition to clothing and jewellery?
JW: At the moment my plans are to expand the range of women's clothing and am working on lots of new designs and would like to extend into nightwear as it would suit the brand perfectly. Then moving into other markets within the clothing such as children's (would love to see baby grows with our logo), but would also like to add more accessories with more jewellery and bags.

DB: How do you make use of social media and the web to market yourself and your brand?
JW: I am a new business and do not have big marketing budgets so social media is very important to me. I have been steadily building a Facebook and Twitter audience and also have Instagram, Google+ and Pintrest presence. It is a great way to get messages out to your market but also a great way to get feedback and engagement from your prospective customers. I keep people updated on our latest deals and news through social media posts and love getting comments and feedback.

My website is my storefront so it is important that provides a good customer experience. Advertising on Google is expensive so I rely on good content to keep my presence with the search engines.

DB: Has the experience of running your own business been different from what you had expected? JW: I expected it to be hard work and was not disappointed! In order to get the business started I had to learn new skills and had to do every job in the business. Sometimes it is the jobs that you think will be the simplest that are actually a lot harder and take a lot more time than expected, which has given me a greater appreciation of peoples skills, but it has been a great experience and very rewarding!

DB: What would be your advice to someone who wants to start a similar business?
JW: Be prepared to work incredibly hard and don’t be afraid to make mistakes, just make sure you learn by them.

Well folks that was Julia White, the inspiring entrepreneur responsible for bringing 'Your Dreamcatcher' to us. I really like her enthusiasm and passion for work and wish her the very best.

Now, let's move on to the t-shirt.

Your Dreamcatcher Pink Tee Shirt

Your Dreamcatcher Pink Tee Shirt
The new t-shirt is a loose fitting garment in a pale pink colour. What is unusual about the t-shirt's design is that it is made from  just 2 pieces, so there is no sleeve seam. While the top has a looser fit, the t-shirt has been shaped to fit around the hips(as you can see from the pictures below). The t-shirt is made from 100% cotton and has a peached finish making it very soft and comfortable - perfect for the coming months. The striking logo is positioned in the bottom left on the front of the t-shirt. I feel the t-shirt can be worn with jeans, shorts and also goes well with the jogging bottoms from Your Dreamcatcher!

Your Dreamcatcher Pink T Shirt

Priced at £12.00, the t-shirt can be ordered online at The site currently has an interesting offer as well - a FREE dream catcher when you buy any of 'Your Dreamcatcher's clothing.

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