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Beat The Microbead With Botanical Brands and Living Nature

A short walk from our home is the Swan and Pike Pool - a former Victorian bathing pool. It is on our daily walking route and I always felt...

A short walk from our home is the Swan and Pike Pool - a former Victorian bathing pool. It is on our daily walking route and I always felt sad to see it covered with invasive weed and litter(mostly plastic). Not only was the plastic litter causing harm to the wildlife but to see the pool(which has quite a bit of history) in such a bad state was not a good feeling. Thankfully the pool was recently cleaned up by local council restoring it to a much better and cleaner state.

Plastics not only pollute rivers, lakes and pools but even our seas and oceans. Majority of debris found on beaches worldwide is plastic. Because plastic is cheap and lightweight it has replaced traditional materials in most walks of life. Most of us would assume that plastic bottles, bags and other large plastic items are the only plastic waste in seas. And we couldn't be more wrong. Microplastic particles account for a major share of plastic waste found in seas and oceans. These microplastic particles include the microbeads found in exfoliating face washes, body washes or even toothpastes. Because these microbeads are very tiny and non-biodegradable, they pass through the water treatment facilities and enter our local lakes and rivers and finally the seas causing a lot of harm to marine life and the oceans themselves.

While many skincare brands still use microbeads, many leading brands have found natural alternatives to microbeads. And Botanical Brands, distributor of eco, natural and organic beauty brands are one such brand. They strongly believe in the 'Beat The Microbead' campaign. As the brand advocates, why use products that contain plastic microbeads and harm the environment, when you can use natural and equally effective products with biodegradable wax beads that don’t do any damage.

Living Nature’s new Skin Revive Exfoliant is a product that uses natural wax beads. The exfoliant gently and effectively cleanses and exfoliates skin leaving your skin healthy and glowing. The exfoliant is suitable for all skin types but particularly for those with mature, acne-prone or sensitive skin. The exfoliant is creamy white and has a mild and pleasant herbal fragrance. It has an unique formulation that includes some of New Zealand’s finest beautifying botanicals. The main ingredient is Kumerahou which is also referred to as nature’s soap. It is well known for its cleansing properties and helps in loosening oil, dirt and debris from the skin's surface while also locking-in moisture. Other key ingredients are Jojoba and Candelilla wax beads which gently lift keratinised dead skin cells from the skin and help to stimulate healthy cell renewal. The natural wax beads are not only biodegradable and harmless to ocean life but also non-irritating and smooth so they don't damage your skin. I have been using the exfoliant twice a week and find that it cleanses and exfoliates well leaving my skin smooth and soft. It is non-irritating and gentle yet exfoliates well.

Living Nature Skin Revive Exfoliant

Living Nature is an excellent brand to try if you are looking for products without plastic microbeads. By switching to products with natural, biodegradable alternatives, you will be doing your bit to protect our seas and oceans.

Living Nature’s Skin Revive Exfoliant is available to purchase from a UK network of salons, pharmacies, health stores and online from

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