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SkinPep Ultra Hydrating Anti Wrinkle Gel Mask, Review

It is no secret that I love face masks and feature them regularly on the blog. Today, it is yet another face mask review but with a little ...

It is no secret that I love face masks and feature them regularly on the blog. Today, it is yet another face mask review but with a little difference as I enlisted the help of my 65 year old mom for the review :) When I asked her if she would test out the SkinPep® Ultra Hydrating Anti-Wrinkle Gel Mask for me, she asked me what the mask was made of. Upon hearing that it contained snail secretions among other things, she was hesitant initially but agreed to try it out in the end.

SkinPep Ultra Hydrating Anti Wrinkle Gel Mask
SkinPep Ultra Hydrating Anti Wrinkle Gel Mask
According to SkinPep, the mask is extremely hydrating with 5 advanced peptides, botanical extracts, antioxidants, Hyaluronic Acid (5%), Aloe Vera (6%) and concentrated Snail Secretion (1%). The SkinPep® mask also contains 'Pep-Rx Peptide Complex TM' which is suitable for all skin types and all ethnicities. It claims to offer an instant moisturising and plumping effect after just 30 minutes along with minimised appearance of lines and wrinkles.

All the sheet masks I have used earlier come in a single piece. This one was different as it comes in two sections - one for the top part of the face and one for the chin area. There are apertures cut out for the eyes and mouth. The gel mask is a bit slippery and as expected was saturated with the key ingredients. I removed the mask from the protective packaging and placed it on my mother's cleansed face. I then put on some soothing music and asked her to relax for around 40 minutes! At the end of 40 minutes, mom peeled off the mask. It was very easy to remove and there was no need to wash the face.

While there were no dramatic effects or major difference in the appearance of lines and wrinkles, the mask did leave my mother's facial skin soft and hydrated. Her skin which was looking a bit fatigued prior to the application of the mask looked visibly improved and softer. As a non-blogger and someone who has not used sheet masks earlier, she said that while she liked the cool, tingling sensation of the mask and the results, she may not use the mask again as it is quite slippery and she would find it difficult to apply it on her own. I haven't used the mask myself but based on the experience shared by my mom, I quite liked the mask. I liked the fact that the mask comes in two pieces and being a regular sheet mask user, I think this mask is easier to apply than other masks because of the two sections. The ingredients are promising and regular usage would show better effects, I feel. I liked the results it showed on my mom's skin - nothing dramatic but intense moisturisation and softness, definitely.

What do you think of SkinPep's products? Have you used their masks? If you have not heard about SkinPep, you can read more about the brand and the mask on

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