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Lava Shell Massage in the Comfort of One's Own Home? Yes, Please!

I have blogged earlier about Lava Shell massage which is a one of its kind innovation in warming spa therapies. Details of the massage and...

I have blogged earlier about Lava Shell massage which is a one of its kind innovation in warming spa therapies. Details of the massage and my experience with it, at Tessa Stevens, can be found here. The results of the massage were impressive and I had come back from the beauty clinic feeling very relaxed and amazing. Shared Beauty Secrets have now come out with a new Lava Shell Homecare Kit which they claim is the ultimate at home pampering. I was intrigued about this new kit. Would it offer the same experience and benefits as the salon massage? Would it work in the hands of a novice massager like me? I had many questions and felt that I needed to give the homecare kit a try. And give it a try, I did. So, what does the kit contain and how does it work? Let's take a look at it.

Lava Shell Homecare Kit

Lava Shells are the world’s first self-heating massage tool and the new homecare kit allows you to experience the Lava Shell treatment in the comforts of your own home. The homecare kit comes packaged in a very lovely, natural woven bag and contains the following:
- 1 porcelain Lava Shell,
- A 30ml bottle of Basic Elements Exotic Massage Oil,
- 4 Lava Gel sachets,
- 4 Lava Activators and
- An instruction leaflet on how to activate and use the Lava shell.

Lava Shell Homecare Kit

Lava Shell Homecare Kit

Lava Shell Homecare Kit

When I received the kit, I decided that I wanted to try it out both as a receiver and as a massager. So I enlisted the help of dear Mr.H, who agreed to help with the review provided there were no photographs of him receiving the massage, on the public domain :) I set up the room - dim lights, soft and soothing music playing in the background and the Lava Shell kit ready for use. The kit as I mentioned earlier comes an instruction leaflet which clearly lists out the steps to prep the Lava Shell for use.

1. Remove the Lava Gel sachet from the packaging and gently place it inside the shell. Flatten the sachet against the bottom of the shell using your fingers.
2. Open the Lava Activator package and pour the entire contents into the shell.
3. Set the shell aside and wait for around 5 minutes for the Activator liquid to be absorbed. Place the cap back on the shell.

Once activated the shells take between 5-10 minutes to heat up and then it will continue to generate heat for up to an hour. As you use the shell to massage, it transfers heat to the body thus balancing the temperature. If you feel that the heat levels are going down, you can set aside the shell for a few minutes and once rested it will begin to increase in temperature. Conversely, if you find the Lava Shell becoming too hot, you can cool it down by using a damp cold flannel to wipe the shell.

Lava Shell Homecare Kit

Lava Shell Homecare Kit

Lava Shell Homecare Kit

The heat from the shell is excellent at helping muscles relax. The shape of the shell ensures that you can easily target problem areas like tense shoulders. The porcelain shell feels beautifully smooth on the skin and is apt for massaging abdomen, back, legs, shoulders and neck. The combination of heat and massage helps ease muscle tension, stiffness and knots. Since I had already experienced a Lava Shell massage, I knew what to expect. But Mr.H who was trying it for the first time was quite surprised. He quite enjoyed the warm massage as it eased his stiff shoulders effectively. The massage oil provided with the kit has a very exotic fragrance and added to the overall appeal. It also enables the Lava Shell to move smoothly on the skin while massaging.

The Lava Shell homecare kit scores well on the concept front and in terms of ease of use. There are 2 aspects that I would love Shared Beauty Secrets to consider though. First - providing two Lava Shells in each kit as opposed to one. I remember when I had the massage at the beauty clinic, the masseuse used two shells and both her hands to massage. I felt that using two shells had provided a more effective massage. Second - If there was a way to choose the 'strength' of the Lava Gel, that would be excellent. I noticed that the 4 Lava Gel sachets in my kit were marked as a 'Mild Blend'. I guess this reflects the degree of heat that the shell will provide upon activation. If the 4 sachets in each kit are of different blends, that would be a lovely experience. Having said that, the 'Mild Blend' was good and it did provide a warm experience.

Cleaning the Lava shell is very easy. You can wash it with hot soapy water or simply wipe clean with an anti-bacterial wipe and store it in the bag until the next use.

To sum it up, I really enjoyed the Lava Shell Homecare Kit. If you love massages and heat treatments and would like to experience it in the comfort of your own home, then this kit is a good choice. Since Lava Shells are self-heating, you require no electricity for the heat massage. The kit comes with clear instructions, is easy to use and does provide a heavenly home massage. The kit would be an excellent choice as an indulgent present for your partner.

The Lava Shells Homecare Kit costs £39.50, while the Refill Kit is priced at £29.50. Both the items can be purchased online at


  1. Hi, I am Hilary the executive trainer for Lava Shells. Great to read your blog we are so pleased to hear you enjoyed using our Lava Shells retail kit. I would like to answer your comments regarding the number of shells and the heat levels.

    There are two reasons for the kit containing one rather than two shells. Firstly getting to grips with handling the shells (with oil on your hands) can be a little tricky, so using just one shell for home use ensures a more seamless experience as users will have better control. On occasions during professional treatments therapists will also only use one shell to massage with. The second reason comes down to price; the shells are the largest cost in the kit, including two shells would increase the price significantly which may put users off their first purchase before they have experienced the benefits. We do see some clients returning to purchase a second kit once they are confident with using the shells although most are happy with using the one shell.

    The reason for the heat within the homecare kit being mild is to ensure it is simple and safe for a novice to use to enjoy warm massage therapy at home. Professional users have the option of two higher heats but have to complete and pass our professional training course on shell use and heat management. The homecare kit is not meant to replace the salon/spa experience but to be a wonderful extension for Lava Shell treatment lovers to be able to use between their professional treatments. Thanks for sharing the Lava Love!

    1. Thanks, Hilary for sharing the information with us.