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Lava Shells Massage at Tessa Stevens

So many things had been going on simultaneously over the past 3-4 weeks that I was looking and feeling absolutely knackered. I was tired an...

So many things had been going on simultaneously over the past 3-4 weeks that I was looking and feeling absolutely knackered. I was tired and my skin was not at its best. And then came the opportunity to experience Lava Shells Treatment at Tessa Stevens. Shared Beauty Secrets who are the UK's exclusive distributor of Lava Shells launched the massage in the UK in 2009. Since then the popularity of Lava Shells Massage has grown considerably and the treatment can now be found in most leading spas and beauty salons across UK. The opportunity to try out this massage could not have come at a better time! A massage treatment was exactly what I needed after a hectic and stressful few weeks. And did it do the trick? Read on to learn more about the Lava Shell Massage and my experience with it.

My appointment for the Lava Shell Massage was at 10:00am at the Tessa Stevens branch in Enfield. For those of you who haven't heard of Tessa Stevens, they are a health and beauty clinic with 2 branches - one in Enfield and the other in Winchmore Hill. They are a member of IIAA and BABTAC. The clinic offers many different types of massage and body treatments and the Lava Shell Massage is one of them.

As I entered the clinic I was greeted with a friendly smile by the team in the reception and since this was my first visit to Tessa Stevens, I was asked to fill out a form. I was then met by Alex, my therapist for the treatment, who led me to the treatment room. She chatted to me a bit about the Lava Shells Massage and explained what I could expect from the massage session. Alex made me feel so much at ease that I began to relax before the treatment actually started :) Since it was going to be a full body massage I had to take my clothes off leaving just my knickers on. I then had to lie down on the massage bed. Alex came into the room after a while. The lights were turned off(there were some lovely twinkling lights on the ceiling though) and a soothing music was playing in the background. With everything in place Alex began the massage.

What is Lava Shells Massage?

The Lava Shell Massage is a one of its kind innovation in warming spa therapies. The massage relaxes you whilst easing muscle and joint aches and pains. The star of the treatment is the Lava Shell - the world’s first self heating massage tool. The massage therapy uses 100% genuine recycled Tiger Clam Shells from the South Pacific. These shells heat up internally for up to an hour with a patented combination of natural minerals and water. Lava Shells can be up to 12 times hotter than hot stones and also score better than the hot stones on the hygiene front. The reason being the shells are non-porous and so they do not absorb skin cells or bacteria etc.

The massage was amazing and much impressive than I had imagined or expected. As Alex worked away on sections of my body with the warm and smooth shells I could literally feel that part of the body relaxing and becoming stress free. I loved the feel of the shells on the body and also the lovely warm heat that it releases. Alex worked the shells on my arms, back and legs focussing the massage on the surrounding pressure points. The shells which are heated using LavaGel generate enough heat to stimulate the blood supply resulting in healthier looking skin. The deep tissue pressure point massage also eases away muscle tension. The whole body massage also included a tummy massage.  The heat and the massage on the tummy area stimulates circulation and peristalsis. This helps remove internal blockages and provides relief from bloating, discomfort and/or IBS.

The massage lasted for a good 1.5 hours and after that Alex left me in the room allowing me some time to relax before I could get ready. As I lay in the bed, I could feel my entire body relax and well rested - there were no knots or tensions in any muscles. It was like my body had been rejuvenated. My lower back and my knees - both of which are problem areas - felt so much better. I could definitely feel the immediate results. Alex had mentioned that the massage is detoxifying and the effects would last for a few days. And she was right, 2 days after the massage and my body still felt much better than it normally does. If you love the feeling of heat on your body, then this treatment is for you. You should try it.

You can check out the Tessa Stevens Health & Beauty Clinics website for their clinic opening times and addresses. If you are based in the Enfield area and are able to visit Tessa Stevens, then I highly recommend Alex as the massage therapist. She is one of the senior staff at the clinic and is absolutely amazing.

Shared Beauty Secrets who are the exclusive UK and Ireland Lava Shells® distributors also offer many different therapeutic treatments using heat and ice. Some of them are:
- Lava Rescue - Great for muscle aches
- Glacial Shells Detox - A must for detoxifying
- Lava Shell Therma Facial - Ideal for skin radiance
- Lava Relax – The ultimate calming experience

You can read more about the different types of treatments here. You can also check with them regarding Lava Shells Massage practitioners local to your area.

Final word: The Lava Shells Massage at Tessa Stevens was an amazing experience. I have no hesitation in recommending both the clinic and the Lava Shells treatment.

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  1. WOW sounds like a great session
    I am in love with the shells

    1. Yes, Rachel. It was a lovely session.
      The massage helps to detoxify and also eases tension or aches in muscles. The shells are indeed beautiful and feel wonderful on the skin.

  2. Wow .looks wonderful.
    U had a great the pics too..great review

    1. Yes, it was a very relaxing treatment. You should check out their website for a practioner in the Derby region.

  3. What is more better than a relaxing day at the spa.. seems like a nice place to relax :)