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The New You Plan - 'Get Started' 1 Week Bundle Trial

In December I was very kindly invited to trial a one week diet meal replacement plan from The New You Plan . The New You Plan offers a rang...

In December I was very kindly invited to trial a one week diet meal replacement plan from The New You Plan. The New You Plan offers a range of programmes and uses a combination of nutrition, personal developments and exercise to help you get to your weight loss goal. I put the 1 Week bundle to trial. This bundle contains both total food replacement products and high protein snacks. Before we move on to the review, let me tell you that this review is based solely on my experience with the products and your experience, should you decide to try it, may be different. As with any kind of weight loss programme, you should seek and follow professional weight management advice. These products would aid in your weight loss programme but you need to take professional and medical guidance first. So, please consult your GP before commencing on any diet and/or exercise programmes.

New you plan - 'Get Started' 1 week bundle

The 'Get Started' 1 week bundle that I received included the following:
- Beautiful Banana TFR VLCD Shake x 1
- Creamy Chocolate TFR VLCD Shake x 2
- Heavenly Hazelnut TFR VLCD Shake x 2
- New Range TFR VLCD Vegetable Soup x 2
- Vegetable Chili TFR VLCD Meal x 2
- Spicy Noodle Nosh TFR VLCD Meal (Spicy Spaghetti) x 2
- Country Cottage Pie TFR VLCD Meal x 2
- Pasta Broccoli TFR VLCD Meal x 2
- Chocolate Cream Cookie Flavour TFR VLCD Bar x 2
- Chocolate Hazelnut Flavour TFR VLCD Bar x 2
- Maple and Fruit Almond TFR VLCD Bar x 2
- Luxurious Chocolate Truffa TFR VLCD Bar x 2
- Luxurious Milk Chocolate Truffa TFR VLCD Bar x 2
- Lemon Yoghurt TFR VLCD Bar x 2
- Muesli TFR VLCD Bar x 2
- Fiery Hot Chili High Protein Diet Snacks x 1

As you can see it is a good mix of products and you can choose products based on your taste/preferences. When I started with the 1 week trial, I was not sure what to expect. My main concern was whether the products would taste good and whether they would keep the hunger pangs at bay. I did consume a lot of water and also had fruits when I was trying these products out, so please bear that in mind.

New you plan - 'Get Started' 1 week bundle

All the food products were fine - much better than I had expected. The hot meal replacements come at the top for their taste+texture followed by the bars. The bars were filling, chewy and delicious. In terms of a healthy, high protein bar, these were good - no aftertaste or synthetic taste as you would expect from protein bars. The Luxurious Chocolate Truffa bar was my favourite and I would happily have these as a part of my daily snacking :)

New you plan - 'Get Started' 1 week bundle

The soup was my least favourite of the lot, both in the way it tasted and also texture wise. I had only picked 2 soup sachets, so I did finish them both. The shakes tasted good but I did have a little problem mixing them the first time around. But with an electric blender that issue was sorted. The Creamy Chocolate shake was amazing. I added some ice cubes before blending(as per the mixing instructions tip) and the shake turned out even more yummy.

New you plan - 'Get Started' 1 week bundle

As you can see from the bundle contents list, I tried 4 products from the Hot Diet Meal Replacements category:
- Spicy Noodle Nosh
- Country Cottage Pie
- Vegetable Chili and
- Pasta Broccoli

While all the four were very easy to cook and get full points for the taste and texture, the Vegetable Chilli was my favourite. All you have to do is add 145ml of cold water to the contents of the pack and stir until dissolved. Then cook it for 4-5 minutes on the hob. If you want it quicker, you can cook it in the microwave on full for around 3 minutes. You can adjust the water quantity as required - use your judgement and you will get it right. I loved the flavour of this one. Excellent. I enjoyed the other 3 products as well but I did add some freshly ground pepper to the Pasta Broccoli and Cottage Pie as I like my food spicy. These 4 were my absolute favourites even though the portion sizes were smaller than what I usually eat. I would not mind having these on a regular basis - easy to prepare, taste good and are filling.

New you plan - 'Get Started' 1 week bundle
New you plan - 'Get Started' 1 week bundle

Overall, I liked all the products with the exception of the soup. At the start of the trial, I weighed 54.8 kgs. and at the end of the 7 days I was 54.3 kgs. that is 500gms less(which is around 1 pound less). I think that is a decent weight loss for a 1 week period. Bear in mind though that I was on a low calorie diet and did exercise a bit whenever I could. I think if you set a long term, realistic goal which includes a controlled diet and regular exercise then you can reach your weight loss goals.

One thing I would like to mention here is that apart from the quality of products, The New You Plan also scores points for the good customer service and support. They have a New You Plan Secret Slimmers group on Facebook where you can find other people who are also on the same boat and who are ready to share their journey, to chat and offer encouragement. If you would like to read more about the New You Plan, you can do so here:

Note: Please consult your GP or medical practitioners before starting this or any other diet/exercise programme.

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