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Aromatherapy Associates Soothing Daily Repair Moisturiser

Aromatherapy Associates have a range of skincare products called the 'Soothing Collection' which consists of six products that ai...

Aromatherapy Associates have a range of skincare products called the 'Soothing Collection' which consists of six products that aim to soothe and calm the skin, keeping it radiant. The Soothing Collection incorporates prebiotics which is said to encourage healthy bacteria on the skin’s surface and get rid of bad bacteria that can cause itching, redness or other skin irritations. Apart from prebiotics the collection also uses anti-inflammatory active ingredients like arnica, liquorice, cotton thistle and cactus to support the skin's natural regeneration process. The range includes: soothing cleansing balm, soothing treatment mask, soothing skin tonic, instant skin soothing serum, soothing face oil and the soothing daily repair moisturiser, which is the product I tried out.

According to Aromatherapy Associates the soothing daily repair moisturiser is "a highly nourishing and protective moisturiser to improve the appearance of dry and stressed skin. Safflower ceramides and vital omega oils, combined with cotton thistle extract and German camomile, work to support the skin’s natural regenerative process and gently maintain your skin’s natural radiance leaving it soft, supple and comfortable. Perfect for sensitive skins with a tendency to redness."

The moisturiser, as you can see, comes in a pump action bottle. This would imply that the moisturiser has a light texture. But when I used it, I was surprised by its creamy texture. It was not runny like I had imagined it would be. The moisturiser did feel a little bit greasy upon application, but it was a temporary feeling as it got absorbed into the skin very quickly. It has a mild herbal scent. Though I could not pinpoint the exact fragrance, it is how natural essential oils smell - a very natural earthy fragrance.

The moisturiser is said to calm and soothe irritated skin. But even then I was a bit sceptical when I first started using it as my skin is very 'moody' and easily agitated. My main concern was what if the moisturiser aggravated my skin irritation and redness instead of soothing it. However the moisturiser put all my worries to rest as it worked like a charm on my sensitive skin. My skin loves the texture and the moisturising effect of the product. The main difference I have noticed is around my nose. The skin was irritated and dry but having used the soothing moisturiser for the past few weeks, this area has come back to its normal state - no redness, no dryness. I like the moisturiser - it is nourishing and does calm redness as it claims.

Price at £53.00 for 50ml, the moisturiser is definitely not the cheapest one out there, but you need just one pump of the product to cover your entire face. This means the bottle will last a long time. I have been using it for around 4 weeks and I still have loads left in the bottle. Worth the price, if you have sensitive, irritated or over reactive skin.

Sounds like a product that would suit your skin? You can pick it up online from the Aromatherapy Associates website.

Have you used anything from Aromatherapy Associates? Which Aromatherapy Associates product would you recommend?

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