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9bar Breakfast - Nutritious and Delicious Mixed-Seed Breakfast Bars

A few weeks back we received a wonderful parcel from 9bar . The brown box was beautifully tied up with a green ribbon and held inside some ...

A few weeks back we received a wonderful parcel from 9bar. The brown box was beautifully tied up with a green ribbon and held inside some yummy goodies from the 9bar Breakfast range. The parcel also contained some useful accessories - a coffee mug, an umbrella, some stationery and even a 9bar lip balm!

All variants of 9bar are made with a unique blend of wholesome seeds like sunflower, pumpkin, poppy, sesame and hemp. In addition some of their bars also contain cashews, hazelnuts and peanuts. 9bar have an impressive range of products, but the ones that we were sent are a part of the 9bar Breakfast range.

The 9bar Breakfast range is a nutritious breakfast alternative with just the right mix of carbohydrates and protein to provide the slow release energy you need to get through the morning rush hour. These bars are gluten & wheat free and comes in 4 flavours: Peanut & Raisin, Apricot & Strawberry, Almond & Raspberry and Cashew & Cocoa.

All the bars are 50g and as claimed are deliciously moist and chewy. The perfect size for a breakfast bar, these keep you feeling full right until lunchtime. Because they are individually packed it is easy and convenient to carry them while travelling as well. And above all, the bars taste delicious - perfect blend of crunchiness and chewiness. If you are looking for a healthy energy boost, then 9bar is for you.

Here is our take on the four flavours:
Apricot & Strawberry - No surprises as this one was as fruity I had expected. The bar has juicy chunks of apricot and strawberry and is delicious. If you love fruity bars, you will like this.
Almond & Raspberry - Delicious flaked almonds rippled with raspberry and sweetened with exotic agave nectar; this bar was a sweet delight. Mr.H's favourite.
Cashew & Cocoa - This one was my favourite. Flavour in each bite. Crunchy cashews, yummy chocolate, mixed seeds - truly a gastronomical delight. I 'love' this one.
Peanut & Raisin - A classic combination - nutty and sweet. Mr.H liked it, me not so much but that is because I never liked the peanut+raisin combo.

My tip on how to enjoy 9bar breakfast:
The best way to enjoy a 9bar is to slow down and focus on every bite you take. Savour the taste of the chewy bar. Let the flavours linger on in the mouth for a while before you take the next bite. Believe me when I say, this is the best way to get an energy fix in the morning.

The 9bar Breakfast range can be purchased online at You can also pick it up from independent health food stores nationwide.

Have you tried 9bar Breakfast or any other bars from 9bar? Which one would you recommend?

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