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The Rituals Chakra Water - Bed and Body Mist

'Happiness can be found in simple things' - that is the idea behind Rituals and I couldn't agree more with the statement. Ritu...

'Happiness can be found in simple things' - that is the idea behind Rituals and I couldn't agree more with the statement. Rituals have an amazing collection of high quality products ranging from body and facial care to scented candles, perfumes, make-up, clothing and tea(I was not aware of the last two offerings). All their products are simple with a touch of luxury and make everyday routines a pleasure. If you have been following my blog, you must be aware of my love for Rituals products. I have enjoyed using every single product that I have tried so far from this brand. And the product that I am bringing to you today is no different.

The Rituals Chakra Water is a light bed and body mist that you can spray onto your skin or bedding. Rituals describe the fragrance as "A floral blend of violet and magnolia, with elegant undertones of amber and woods, topped with a sparkling citrus note capturing the pure essence of rose."

I like multi-purpose products and hence this Chakra Water from Rituals gets extra points from me for its versatility. I have used it on my pillows and duvet before I go to sleep and it feels and smells absolutely wonderful - kind of helps you to drift into sleep. I have used it as a light body fragrance sprayed directly on the skin and it feels very light and feminine. You can use it without any worries on clothing or textiles as it does not stain. I have also used it when I am doing Yoga at home - in such instances I feel that the fragrance is warm and uplifting. I like it, whichever way I put it to use. I think it all comes down to its lovely fragrance - a blend of Indian Rose and Himalayan Honey. If you love delicate, floral and feminine fragrances, then you should give the Chakra Water a try.

Priced at £16.50 the Chakra Water can be picked up online here.

Have you used any Rituals products? Do you have a favourite?

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