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The Handmade Soap Company - Natural and Handmade in Ireland

The Handmade Soap Company , based in Ireland, was founded in 2009 by Donagh Quigley and Gemma McGowan . How the company came about to be i...

The Handmade Soap Company, based in Ireland, was founded in 2009 by Donagh Quigley and Gemma McGowan. How the company came about to be is an interesting story in itself. While on a road trip in Australia, Donagh and Gemma came across a market selling handmade soaps. Having used these handmade soaps and being impressed and inspired by them, the duo decided to create handmade products once they returned to Ireland. Donagh then travelled to the USA and UK to learn more about soap making and finally in 2009 the Handmade Soap Company was born.

The brand has 3 main ranges categorised based on scent:
- Grapefruit range
- Lavender range
- Lemongrass range
Apart from the ones mentioned above they also have a shaving range, a gift box range and a gardener's range.

I recently had the opportunity to try out a couple of products from the Handmade Soap Company's Grapefruit range. The products that I trialled were:
- Grapefruit & May Chang Shower Gel(300ml, Price: €11.95)
- Grapefruit & May Chang Hand Lotion(300ml, Price: €14.95)

Both the products are scented with a blend of Grapefruit & May Chang and come in a pump dispenser packaging. The shower gel is pH balanced to rehydrate and revive. The texture is a bit runny unlike shower gels that I normally use but the gorgeous fragrance more than makes up for it. The hand lotion also is a wee bit runny but moisturises effectively. Because both the products were in a pump dispenser and not in a tube packaging, the consistency issue can be overlooked. It is easy to dispense the product and there is no wastage or spillage. Having used the lotion for some time now, I have actually started to enjoy the runny texture because it gets absorbed quickly and is perfect for use as a day lotion when you don't want your hands to be greasy or oily. And I love the sweet and refreshing fragrance.

To sum it up, I am impressed with both the products that I have tried. I love the simple packaging and branding. The fact that each product is handmade in Ireland using only the finest natural ingredients from plant and mineral extracts makes it definitely worth a try. In addition to all this, the products are free from SLS, Parabens & Petrochemicals and the brand does not test on animals. They are indeed 'Green to the core' as they claim. If you love natural skincare products and want to check out the Handmade Soap Company's website, you can do so here.

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