Nelsons Calendula Cream for Dry/Flaky Skin

Come winter and I face the problem of dry skin. The areas most affected are my elbows, knees and the region around my nails and nose. Even if I am indoors my skin seems to dry out. What this means is that I have to ensure that a multi-purpose cream is always handy.

A while back I received the Nelsons Calendula Cream and I have been trying this one out on my hands and face. According to Nelsons' "the Calendula cream is prepared using the purest extracts from the Calendula (Marigold) plant, famous for its multiple skin conditioning properties. The cream has been specially developed to soothe and hydrate tired, damaged skin or skin that’s dry, rough, chapped or flaky." From the description this sounded just like a cream that my skin needed.

The cream comes in a metal tube(remember the toothpaste tubes from childhood) and surprisingly has a very light texture. It is free from artificial colourings, parabens, lanolin, silicones, fragrances and mineral oils. I was surprised by the ease of application and absorption of the cream. It rubs in very easily and gets absorbed in a jiffy without leaving any oiliness or residue behind. But moisturise it does and very well at that. I did not feel the need to reapply the cream frequently as would be the case with a normal hand cream. I could also not discern any noticeable fragrance. In fact the cream felt un-fragranced to my nose and I was happy with that as well.

Overall, in my opinion it is a very effective multi-purpose cream that moisturises and soothes dry/flaky skin. It is non-greasy, easily absorbed and can be used on the face, hands and body. Priced at £5.10 for 30ml tube the cream can be picked up online on Nelsons Pharmacy.

What do you think of this Calendula cream? Have you heard of the brand or used the cream?

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