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I love pink. It is one of my favourite colours and I tend to prefer it over red. For me pink signifies love, affection, tenderness and nurturing. It also represents calmness and hope. My wardrobe has a lot shades of pink - from the lightest baby pink to shades of deep pink such as magenta. A while back JustFor5Pounds sent me three pieces of clothing from their collection - all in shades of pink. October being the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, our local community centre organised a 'Wear it Pink' day and I had three lovely pieces to choose from courtesy of JustFor5Pounds.

I received the above three items. The top in the third picture is different
from the one I received in terms of colour and the print though.
Picture courtesy: JustFor5Pounds

The oriental design top was my favourite of the three. It is so comfortable/easy to wear, feels good on the skin and is light to pack as well. I love the mix of colours on this piece and feel that it can be really versatile in terms of styling.

The scarf is a gorgeous shade of pink and very feminine. It has a very pretty sequin design and a tassel trim. The colour and the sparkly style make this scarf perfect for a glamorous evening cover-up. You can also use it to add some colour and bling to your daytime casual looks. I love everything about this scarf - the sheer fabric, the colour and the sequin pattern. An excellent buy!

The dress has a comfortable fit and made of 96% Viscose 4% Elastane. It has a V-Neck line and is sleeveless as you can see from the pictures below. I feel that it is ideal both for daytime and evening wear. Over the past couple of months I have worn it many times in the evenings and I love how the top part of the dress subtly glitters and shimmers in light.

You can check out JustFor5Pounds here: justfor5pounds.com

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