Beech's Fine Chocolates : After Dinner Mint Creams and After Dinner Mint Crisps

Good morning everyone. Today is the beginning of the National Chocolate Week. October 13-19 is UK's biggest chocolate celebration promoting fine chocolate, artisan chocolatiers and chocolate companies. So it seemed only befitting that I begin the week with a post on chocolates. The wonderful folks at Beech's Fine Chocolates have very kindly sent me their products for review all through 2014. And right on time for the UK Chocolate Week I received two of their best sellers: the After Dinner Mint Creams and the After Dinner Mint Crisps.


The Beech’s After Dinner Mint Creams combine English Mitcham Mint oil with luxurious chocolate to make a delicious treat. There is a very generous mint fondant centre coated with dark chocolate. The creamy dark chocolate is complemented nicely by the delicate and subtle mint flavour and these mint creams are as delectable and moreish as the Beech's Dark Chocolate Cream range I reviewed earlier.

After Dinner Mint Creams 150g (£3.99)

The Beech’s After Dinner Mint Crisps are wafer thin dark chocolate rectangles filled with lovely crispy crunchy little bits. Even before I opened the box I was intrigued and had a feeling I would love these. And I was not wrong. The crisps have a very strong, refreshing minty aroma and are perfectly sized. I liked the granulated texture of the crisps and the dark chocolate was beautifully balanced by the crunchy, fresh mint. A couple of these would be perfect with an after dinner coffee.

After Dinner Mint Crisps 150g (£3.75)

To sum it up, if you are a mint chocolate lover you should consider trying the After Dinner Mints range from Beech's Fine Chocolates. They are beautifully packaged, refreshing, moreish and 'the' perfect minty treat. Go on and treat yourself and your family this 'Chocolate Week' to some delish chocolates from Beech's Fine Chocolates. And to make it even more irresistible, here is a promotional code that you will give you 10% off your purchases from Beech's web store - use the code BFC04061410.

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