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Luxury Cleaning Products from Iron & Velvet

Take a walk along the household cleaning aisle in any supermarket and you will find a range of products like floor cleaners, disinfectants,...

Take a walk along the household cleaning aisle in any supermarket and you will find a range of products like floor cleaners, disinfectants, antibacterial wipes, window sprays, lime scale removers etc. And all this from a range of brands. Iron & Velvet, the brand that I am talking about today, are also in the cleaning products industry; but what sets them apart from others is their ethos which revolves around quality, performance and experience.

Iron & Velvet have over 30 years’ of experience in the manufacture and development of specialist cleaning solutions that are used in the metal finishing industry. Recently they launched a range of high quality, luxury cleaning products for use in and around the home. The range includes 14 cleaning solutions manufactured using only the best materials in their facility in West Midlands. The product range is split into two categories:
Interior collection - products designed to ensure a clean and pleasant living environment with Kitchen, Bathroom and Household specific items.
Exterior collection - innovative cleaning solutions for use outside the home including Garden and Car Care ranges.

I was sent two products from the 'Interior Collection' to test:
  • Bathroom Multi-surface Cleanser (Orange and Ginger) 500ml, £7.49
  • Kitchen Antibacterial Surface Cleaner (Coconut and Lime) 500ml, £7.49

The packaging of both the products I received(in fact the entire range) is practical and has a touch of luxury to it. The bottles are see-through and this makes it easy to gauge the amount of product left. While both the bottles were of different shapes, the top spray nozzle was similar. It has a locking feature to prevent accidental spraying. A simple yet very practical design. I also loved the colours used for each range of products - very eye-catching.

The bathroom multi-surface cleanser is just what it claims to be - a versatile product which can be used on different bathroom surfaces and helps remove soap marks and even lime scale build-up. You can spray and wipe clean with a damp cloth for mild cleaning whereas for heavy soils you can leave it on for 5-10 minutes before wiping clean. Works well in all scenarios. I loved the 'Orange & Ginger' fragrance as it left the bathroom smelling lovely.

The kitchen anti-bacterial surface cleaner is again a multi-purpose product and can be used on worktops, hobs, kitchen tiles, cupboard doors and handles etc. It has an antibacterial agent included in it to reduce risk of food poisoning. I have tested it on a range of surfaces in the kitchen and love the result. The hobs were sparkling clean with minimal effort. And the best part is the delicious fragrance of 'Coconut & Lime'.

To sum it up, I loved both the products. There is no doubt that these are high quality, effective and luxury products. Not only do they score well on the cleaning aspect but also get top points for the packaging and appearance. And with fragrances like Honeysuckle, Orange & Ginger, Amber & Lavender, Blue Lagoon and Apple & Mint to name a few, I feel you should give these a try. If you are interested and want to browse through the entire range of products from Iron & Velvet, you can do so here.

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  1. I have had the pleasure of testing their decking cleaner for myself, after I won one of their weekly prize draws on Twitter. Its equally as effective and I would certainly use their products again. I agree about the lovely and practical packaging. Highly recommended! :)

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