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Timeless Truth Q10 Caviar Nourishing Mask

While I have always believed in ageing gracefully and embracing ones natural self, I also do feel that there is nothing wrong in wanting to...

While I have always believed in ageing gracefully and embracing ones natural self, I also do feel that there is nothing wrong in wanting to look youthful even as you age. I know for sure that I will never go under the knife or inject foreign substances into my skin. But as I get closer to 40 I have been exploring various skincare options for ageing skin. This includes different topical applications targeted at maturing skin, facial treatments and anti-ageing masks. I also realise that while these products are useful, I also need to pay attention to what goes into my body. So, I make sure that I eat my fruits and veggies :) A combination of a balanced nutritious diet and usage of good anti-ageing products/practices makes for a successful skin care regime. Today I will share with you a face mask that specifically targets weather damaged or ageing skin - The Q-10 Caviar Nourishing Mask from Timeless Truth.

The Q-10 Caviar Nourishing Mask claims to preserve the skins elasticity and restore its radiant glow. One of its key ingredients is Coenzyme Q10(Ubiquinone) which is an essential component of our skin cells. As we age, the amount of Coenzyme Q10 decreases naturally. This face mask helps to plug that loss of CoQ10 which helps in skin repair and also in stimulating collagen production. Increased collagen = increased skin elasticity = healthier, younger looking skin. The mask also contains Hyaluronic Acid which helps in controlling tissue hydration. It is this ingredient which is responsible for the healthy plumped-up effect on the skin that you notice after applying the mask.

The picture above was taken after I had used the mask. Prior to application the mask is soaked with serum/essence.

The mask has the usual openings for eyes and mouth and needs to be positioned over the face. It is of a good size and covers the entire face. The unique feature of the mask is that it comes with slots to attach to the ears. This ensures that the mask stays in plays. There is also a chin layer which again has slots. You need to lift up the chin layer and attach it to the ears. This extra bit covers the chin area completely. You then leave the mask on for around half an hour. Remove the mask and if any essence remains in the mask, gently massage it into the skin. My skin felt so much healthier and plumper after this mask treatment. I followed up with a moisturiser and my skin remained hydrated and smooth until the next day. If you have a special occasion or a party and do not have the time for salon appointments, then this mask will do the trick. It is also perfect as a weekly in-home treatment. Try it.

Key Ingredients:
  • Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) : fights the effects of photo-ageing and stimulates collagen.
  • Hyaluronic Acid : has moisturising capabilities.
  • Vitamin E : powerful antioxidant properties.
Best suited for weather damaged or ageing skin, the Q10 Caviar Nourishing Mask is priced at £6.45 and can be picked up from The Beauty Mask Co.

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  1. Ohh i have never heard of a caviar mask i liked it.. great review!!